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Borod, JC; Pick, LH; Hall, S; Sliwinski, M; Madigan, N; Obler, LK; Welkowitz, J; Canino, E; Erhan, HM; Goral, M; Morrison, C; Tabert, M
"Relationships among facial, prosodic, and lexical channels of emotional perceptual processing"
Cognition & Emotion 2000 MAR ; 14(2):193-211
This study was designed to address the issue of whether there is a general processor for the perception of emotion or whether there are separate processors. We examined the relationships among three channels of emotional communication in 100 healthy right-handed adult males and females. The channels were facial, prosodic/intonational, and lexical/verbal; both identification and discrimination tasks of emotional perception were utilised. Statistical analyses controlled for nonemotional perceptual factors and subject characteristics (i.e. demographic and general cognitive). For identification, multiple significant correlations were found among the channels. For discrimination, fewer correlations were significant. Overall, these results provide support for the notion of a general processor for emotional perceptual identification in normal adult subjects

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