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Axillary Adenopathy after COVID-19 Vaccine: No Reason to Delay Screening Mammogram

Wolfson, Stacey; Kim, Eric; Plaunova, Anastasia; Bukhman, Rita; Sarmiento, Ruth D; Samreen, Naziya; Awal, Divya; Sheth, Monica M; Toth, Hildegard B; Moy, Linda; Reig, Beatriu
PMID: 35133198
ISSN: 1527-1315
CID: 5156732

Sonography in the identification of calciphylaxis of the breast [Case Report]

Bukhman, Rita; Scheri, Randall P; Selim, Maria Angelica; Baker, Jay A
PMID: 20040786
ISSN: 1550-9613
CID: 2004672