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Subcutaneous Air Emphysema in Dentistry

Maloney, William J
es resulting in possible life-threatening complications such as airway compromise due to the accumulation of air in the retropharyngeal
ISSN: 2574-1241
CID: 3196662

Addiction and the Use of Illicit Drug Use-The Oral And Dental Effects

Maloney, William J
The power of addiction must never be underestimated. Addiction is the key element in an individual's seeking and use of illicit drugs despite the knowledge of the potential harmful consequences. The dentist must be aware of the many oral and dental manifestations of the use of various drugs. Also, the dentist must be aware of the potential systemic manifestations of drugs such as heroin, cannabis, methamphetamines and cocaine in order to make the proper modifications to ensure the safe and effective delivery of dental treatment.
ISSN: 2574-1241
CID: 3143562

The Dental and Oral significance of Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome

Maloney, William James
ISSN: n/a
CID: 3546412

The Health Effects of the Abuse of Ketamine

Maloney, William James
Ketamine is a dissociative anesthetic which is used in powdered or liquid form. A number of individuals have abused this drug or have been instrumental in others using this drug as a "date-rape" drug. Abuse of ketamine can result in a number of systemic manifestations including gastrointestinal issues, depression, and respiratory problems and amnesia. Serious debilitating urinary tract symptoms are also seen frequently in those individuals who abuse ketamine
ISSN: n/a
CID: 3546402

The Resurgence of the use of heroin and the role of the dentist in the opioid crisis

Chapter by: Maloney, William
in: Meeting program (Thomas P Hinman Dental Meeting ; 106th by
[Atlanta GA] : Hinman Dental Society, 2018
pp. 35-35
ISBN: n/a
CID: 3000342

La importancia oral y dental del sindrome de Treacher Collins = [The Oral and dental significance of Treacher-Collins syndrome]

Maloney, William J
ISSN: 1405-020x
CID: 3014872

Dr. Amos Westcott: inventor, businessman, politician and first president of state dental association

Maloney, William J
ISSN: 1531-684x
CID: 3156582

A dental practice of the samurai : pearly white was not the preferred tooth color of Japan's warrior class

Maloney, William J; Fleisher, Laurie R
ISSN: 1531-684x
CID: 3555822

El estudio de cariologia de Vipeholm [The Vipeholm Cariolovy Study]

Fleisher, Laurie; Maloney, William J
ISSN: 1405-020x
CID: 2650322

A noctural visit to the dentist : Was President Eisenhower's nighttime visit to the dentist really a cover for something else?

Maloney, William J; Fleisher, Laurie
ISSN: 1531-684x
CID: 2582222