Faculty Bibliography API Beta

For Developers

This API provides a simple yet flexible way to retrieve citation info for publications by members of the NYULMC community. This data is maintained by the Health Sciences Libraries. Please direct all questions regarding this service to HSL_facbib@nyumc.org.

Below is a comprehensive list of parameters accepted by the API along with examples of usage. You can search using any combination of these parameters, whether they are characteristics of the faculty member who authored the article, or of the article itself (e.g. you can search for any articles published by a member of the Pediatrics department, which were published between 1995-2000 and contain the word "diabetes"). Here are some more tips:

  • Most fields can accept multiple values separated with commas (these values are joined by 'OR' when searching).
  • Spaces are represented in the URL by plus signs (e.g. '+') or standard URL encoding (e.g. '%20').
  • Results are limited to 10 by default, but you can retrieve all results by specifying "limit=0".
  • Results can be returned in a number of formats including XML, RSS, JSON, and EndNote. The default is a pre-formatted HTML page.

Search by Faculty Info >>

Search Criterion URL Parameter Example Notes
KID/NetID person ?person=djohn01 Usually provides best results when searching for specific people
Name name ?name=doe%2C+john e.g. Doe or Doe, John. Does not accept multiple values.
Gender gender ?gender=M from Faculty Data Mart (FDM); SoM faculty only
DOB dob ?dob=1981 from FDM; SoM faculty only
Active active ?active=no from FDM; SoM faculty only
Appointment Start Date apptstart ?apptsstart=1985 from FDM; SoM faculty only
Appointment End Date apptend ?apptend=1985 from FDM; SoM faculty only
School/College school ?school=COD COD = College of Dentistry
CON = College of Nursing
SOM = School of Medicine
Department department ?department=neurosurgery
Center center ?center=neuroscience

Search by Citation Info >>

Search Criterion URL Parameter Example Notes
Article Title title ?title=psychoanalysis+and+you Does not accept multiple values.
Journal Title journal ?journal=Lancet
Keyword keyword ?keyword=diabetes Articles containing this word in title or abstract
ISSN issn ?issn=0732-183X
ISBN isbn ?isbn=0683045210
Series Title series-title ?series-title=progress+in+psychiatry Returns books and chapters only
UI ui ?ui=21592686 PMID #
DOI doi ?doi=10.1093/arclin/acr014 Digital Object Identifier
Topical Subject topical-subject ?topical-subject=patient+advocacy e.g. MeSH or other controlled vocabulary
Grant # grant ?grant=R01+HL084312 full or partial
PMCID pmc ?pmc=314228 PubMed Central ID #
Citation Type ctype ?ctype=book journal | chapter | book | website
Material Type mat-type ?mat-type=meeting+abstract Please contact us for a list of possible values.

Limiting Options >>

Option URL Parameter Example Notes
Publications from the last (X) years recent-years ?recent-years=2
Publications within a year range year-range ?year-range=1984-1986 Separate years with a hyphen
Impact Factor of journal impact-factor ?impact-factor=2.5 Returns journals with impact factor of >= 2.5.
Days since pub. was added to database days-old ?days-old=50
Included in SoM BioSketch in-biosketch ?in-biosketch no value required
Include only Meeting Abstracts only-meetings ?only-meetings no value required
Exclude Meeting Abstracts exclude-meetings ?exclude-meetings no value required
Exclude minor publications exclude-minors ?exclude-minors no value required
Minor publications include meeting abstracts,
letter, editorials, etc.
Include only systematic reviews only-systematic ?only-systematic no value required

Sorting Options >>

Option Example Usage
Newest First (default) sort=newest
Oldest First sort=oldest
Highest Impact Factors first sort=impact-factor

Formatting Options >>

Option Example Usage Notes
HTML (default) format=html
JSON format=json
XML Full format=xmlfull
XML Summary format=xmlsummary
XML Brief format=xmlbrief
Citation format=citation
EndNote format=endnote Generates text file for EndNote import
RSS format=rss Generates RSS feed