How do I search PubMed on my mobile devices?
Posted by Cathy Larson, Last modified by Allison Piazza on 2016-09-06 10:35:17

There is a known issue for off-site patrons using iPhones (though this solution will assist any mobile device user) who begin their search from the Library's homepage using the PubMed search box. Upon landing on the PubMed website, iPhone users are automatically redirected to the mobile version of PubMed. This automatic redirect on PubMed's side eliminates the ability to directly access full-text articles available through the library.

Currently the only option for users who experience this issue is to have set preferences in their own personal NCBI account, then when they need to search on their mobile device, to log in to their account to retain those preferences while using the mobile device.

How to set your NCBI preferences to use NYU Health Sciences Library access:

  1. Sign in to NCBI

  2. Click "NCBI Site Preferences"

    My NCBI site preferences

  3. Under PubMed Preferences click on "Outside Tool" and then "N"

    Outside Tool

  4. Scroll to the very last entry at the bottom of the page and select, "NYU School of Medicine"

  5. Click "Save"
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