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A fiberoptic (photodynamic therapy type) device with a photosensitizer and singlet oxygen delivery probe tip for ovarian cancer cell killing

Bartusik, Dorota; Aebisher, David; Ghogare, Ashwini; Ghosh, Goutam; Abramova, Inna; Hasan, Tayyaba; Greer, Alexander
A portable "fiber optic-based sensitizer delivery" (FOSD) device has been developed and studied. Before there might be success in photodynamic therapy (PDT) and antibacterial ambitions, an understanding of basic factors on device performance was needed. Thus, the device was examined for the localized delivery of sensitizer molecules in ovarian cancer cells and production of high concentrations of singlet oxygen for their eradication in vitro. The device tip releases stored pheophorbide by attack of singlet oxygen from sensitized oxygen gas delivered through the hollow fiber using 669 nm laser light. The performance of the device was enhanced when configured with a fluorosilane tip by virtue of its Teflon-like property compared with a conventional glass tip (greater sensitizer quantities were photoreleased and laterally diffused, and greater amounts of ovarian OVCAR-5 cancer cells were killed). No cell damage was observed at 2.2 N of force applied by the probe tip itself, an amount used for many of the experiments described here.
PMID: 23495787
ISSN: 0031-8655
CID: 539792