Faculty Bibliography API Tester Beta

The Faculty Bibliography (FacBib) is the Library's bibliographic database, containing information about all publications produced by members of the NYULMC community. This API is an interface to FacBib, enabling users to search these publications using over two dozen criteria. Use this tester to explore your options. Note that multiple values can be included in any field (except "Name" and "Article TItle") by separating the values with commas, and that by default, your results are limited to 10 per page (you can change this to any number you wish, or use a limit of 0 to retrieve all results).

Here are some examples to get you started!

Articles published in the last five years by someone in the Dept. of Pediatrics, which contain the keyword "diabetes":

Articles by Dr. Martin Blaser, sorted by the impact factor of the journal, in XML format:

Developers may find more comprehensive documentation here.

Search by:

Faculty Member


In this section you can choose filters relating to someone's identity or employment status:

  • KID (enter multiple KIDs separated by commas)
  • Date of Birth
  • Appointment start & end dates
  • Whether a faculty member is currently active.

Academic Department

This section allows you to choose filters relating to the institution:

  • School - e.g. SOM, Dental
  • Academic Dept/Division
  • Center: Skirball, Cancer, Neuroscience

*The faculty bibliography searches different fields depending on the school(s) selected. For example, when you select the School of Medicine, you can also search by gender or administrative department.


This section allows you to choose filters relating to citation metadata:

  • Article, Book or Chapter
  • Journal Title
  • ISSN
  • ISBN
  • Series title
  • Keyword
  • Unique Identifier: usually a PMID like '9393929'
  • DOI
  • Topical subject (MeSH, etc)
  • Grant number from Medline
  • PMC
  • Citation Type: Journal, Book, Chapter, Website
  • Material Type: Meeting Abstract, Book Review, Letter, Editorial, &c.

Filter by

Exclude abstracts from display?

This section allows you to limit your results by:

  • Year Range (integer): e.g. 5 as in 5 years
  • Specific year range: e.g. 2008-2010
  • Days since added to FB eg. 15 - 15 days ago
  • Included on NYU SOM Biosketch? Means Publications selected by author for inclusion