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Kaplan & Sadock's pocket handbook of clinical psychiatry

Sadock, Benjamin J.; Ahmad, Samoon; Sadock, Virginia A
Philadelphia PA : Wolters Kluweer, 2019
Extent: x, 617 p. ; 21 cm
ISBN: 1496386930
CID: 4133862

Independence of diabetes and obesity in adults with serious mental illness: Findings from a large urban public hospital

Sun, Langston; Getz, Mara; Daboul, Sulaima; Jay, Melanie; Sherman, Scott; Rogers, Erin; Aujero, Nicole; Rosedale, Mary; Goetz, Raymond R; Weissman, Judith; Malaspina, Dolores; Ahmad, Samoon
OBJECTIVE:There is limited research on metabolic abnormalities in psychotropic-naïve patients with serious mental illness (SMI). Our study examined metabolic conditions in a large, ethnically diverse sample of psychotropic-naïve and non-naïve adults with SMI at an urban public hospital. METHODS:In this cross-sectional study of 923 subjects, the prevalences of hyperglycemia meeting criteria for type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) based on fasting plasma glucose and obesity defined by BMI and abdominal girth were compared across duration of psychotropic medication exposure. Multiple logistic regression models used hyperglycemia and obesity as dependent variables and age, sex, race/ethnicity, and years on psychotropics as independent variables. RESULTS:Psychotropic-naïve patients, including both schizophrenia and non-psychotic subgroups, showed an elevated prevalence of hyperglycemia meeting criteria for T2DM and a decreased prevalence of obesity compared to the general population. Obesity rates significantly increased for those on psychotropic medications more than 5 years, particularly for patients without psychosis (BMI: aOR = 5.23 CI = 1.44-19.07; abdominal girth: aOR = 6.40 CI = 1.98-20.69). Women had a significantly higher obesity rate than men (BMI: aOR = 1.63 CI = 1.17-2.28; abdominal girth: aOR = 3.86 CI = 2.75-5.44). Asians had twice the prevalence of hyperglycemia as whites (aOR = 2.29 CI = 1.43-3.67), despite having significantly less obesity (BMI: aOR = .39 CI = .20-.76; abdominal girth: aOR = .34 CI = .20-.60). Hispanics had a higher rate of obesity by BMI than whites (aOR = 1.91 CI = 1.22-2.99). CONCLUSIONS:This study showed disparities between obesity and T2DM in psychotropic-naïve patients with SMI, suggesting separate risk pathways for these two metabolic conditions.
PMID: 29482065
ISSN: 1879-1379
CID: 2965682

Serum zinc levels in acute psychiatric patients: A case series

Joe, Peter; Getz, Mara; Redman, Samantha; Petrilli, Matthew; Kranz, Thorsten Manfred; Ahmad, Samoon; Malaspina, Dolores
Zinc dysregulation is linked to neuropsychiatric disorders and a beneficial response to zinc supplementation has been demonstrated for depression. In this case series, we examined serum zinc levels with respect to clinical factors among 20 acutely ill psychiatric cases admitted to a large urban public hospital. The results showed frank clinical zinc insufficiency in a quarter of the subjects. Group-wise analyses showed a significant association between reduced serum zinc and diagnosis of depression, and reduced serum zinc in those with aggressive, assaultive, or violent behaviors. By contrast, relatively elevated zinc levels were observed in a subset of psychotic cases on antipsychotics and mood stabilizers who had no mood symptoms. In summary, clinical zinc insufficiency was common in these acutely admitted psychiatric cases. Zinc supplementation may ameliorate symptoms in certain cases and should be considered in treatment planning. A separate patient group had elevated zinc levels, which could conceivably be pathogenic. Larger studies are needed to confirm and extend this pilot data.
PMID: 29334659
ISSN: 1872-7123
CID: 2916222

Earthquake impact in a remote South Asian population: psychosocial factors and posttraumatic symptoms

Ahmad, Samoon; Feder, Adriana; Lee, Elisa J; Wang, Yanping; Southwick, Steven M; Schlackman, Erica; Buchholz, Katherine; Alonso, Angelique; Charney, Dennis S
Although previous studies have documented the psychological impact of earthquakes, less is known about potentially protective characteristics associated with healthier outcomes. In the present study, 2 samples of survivors were recruited from remote villages in Northwestern Pakistan, 7 and 19 months after the devastating October 2005 earthquake. Female gender, lower education, and closer proximity to the epicenter predicted significantly higher posttraumatic symptom levels. After adjusting for demographic characteristics, distance from the epicenter, and death of close relatives, higher dispositional optimism and higher scores on the Connor-Davidson Resilience Scale were significantly associated with lower symptom levels. The authors' findings in a previously unstudied population suggest that certain potentially protective mechanisms, such as optimism, may be universal regardless of culture of origin
PMID: 20564375
ISSN: 1573-6598
CID: 111655

Suicide and substance abuse

Chapter by: Ahmad, Samoon
in: Clinical addiction psychiatry by Brizer, David A; Castaneda, Ricardo [Eds]
New York : Cambridge University Press, 2010
pp. ?-?
ISBN: 9780521899581
CID: 5734

Kaplan & Sadock's concise textbook of child and adolescent psychiatry

Sadock, Benjamin J; Sadock, Virginia A; Kaplan, Harold I; Ahmad, Samoon
Philadelphia : Wolters Kluwer Health/Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2009
Extent: xii, 236 p. ; 27cm
ISBN: 0781793874
CID: 1692

Kaplan & Sadock's pocket handbook of clinical psychiatry

Sadock, Benjamin J; Sadock, Virginia A; Cancro, Robert; Sussman, Norman; Ahmad, Samoon
Princeton NJ : Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic, 2008
Extent: Compact disc ; 4 3/4"
ISBN: n/a
CID: 1487

Kaplan & Sadock's concise textbook of clinical psychiatry

Sadock, Benjamin J; Sadock, Virginia A; Ahmad, Samoon
Philadelphia : Wolters Kluwer/Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2008
Extent: xiv, 738 p. ; 27 cm
ISBN: 0781787467
CID: 1693

Kaplan & Sadock's pocket handbook of clinical psychiatry

Sadock, Benjamin J; Sadock, Virgina A; Cancro, Robert; Sussman, Norman; Ahmad, Samoon
Philadelphia PA : Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2005
Extent: ix, 518 p. ; 22cm
ISBN: 0781762162
CID: 908