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Patient Satisfaction with and Use of Telemental Health Services in the Perinatal Period: a Survey Study

Ackerman, Marra; Greenwald, Elizabeth; Noulas, Paraskevi; Ahn, Christina
We aimed to assess patients' utilization of and satisfaction with telemental health (TMH) in the perinatal period. We hypothesized that satisfaction with TMH would be at least equal to, if not greater than, with in-person appointments. We conducted a cross-sectional survey between March 2018-June 2019 to evaluate patient satisfaction with and use of TMH services in the perinatal period. Participants used TMH services across the second and third trimester of pregnancy and the first year post-partum. Nearly half of the patients (8/19, 42%) used TMH to see their provider within the first two weeks post-partum. Participants were most commonly in treatment for anxiety (14/19, 74%) and/or depression (9/19, 47%). Most participants agreed or strongly agreed (13/19, 69%) that TMH improved their access to healthcare and that they could see the clinician as well as if they met in person (14/19, 74%). TMH was a highly accepted and appreciated method of mental health care delivery for perinatal women when offered as an alternative to in-person or telephone sessions.
PMID: 33389477
ISSN: 1573-6709
CID: 4738442

On call: Psychiatry

Bernstein, Carol A; Poag, Molly; Rubinstein, Mort; Ahn, Christina; Maloy, Katherine F; Ying, Patrick
Amsterdam, Netherlands : Elsevier, 2019
Extent: xix, 332 p.
ISBN: 9780323531092
CID: 4104642