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Large Subcortical Intracerebral Hemorrhage Because of Reversible Cerebral Vasoconstriction Syndrome: A Case Study

Allen, Alexander; Raz, Eytan; Huang, Paul; Rostanski, Sara K
PMID: 32867598
ISSN: 1524-4628
CID: 4582912

Case-Control Study of Paresthesia Among World Trade Center-Exposed Community Members

Marmor, Michael; Thawani, Sujata; Cotrina, Maria Luisa; Shao, Yongzhao; Wong, Ericka S; Stecker, Mark M; Wang, Bin; Allen, Alexander; Wilkenfeld, Marc; Vinik, Etta J; Vinik, Aaron I; Reibman, Joan
OBJECTIVE:To investigate whether paresthesia of the lower extremities following exposure to the World Trade Center (WTC) disaster was associated with signs of neuropathy, metabolic abnormalities, or neurotoxin exposures. METHODS:Case-control study comparing WTC-exposed paresthesia cases with "clinic controls" (WTC-exposed subjects without paresthesias), and "community controls" (WTC-unexposed persons). RESULTS:Neurological histories and examination findings were significantly worse in cases than controls. Intraepidermal nerve fiber densities were below normal in 47% of cases and sural to radial sensory nerve amplitude ratios were less than 0.4 in 29.4%. Neurologic abnormalities were uncommon among WTC-unexposed community controls. Metabolic conditions and neurotoxin exposures did not differ among groups. CONCLUSIONS:Paresthesias among WTC-exposed individuals were associated with signs of neuropathy, small and large fiber disease. The data support WTC-related exposures as risk factors for neuropathy, and do not support non-WTC etiologies.
PMID: 32049876
ISSN: 1536-5948
CID: 4304452

Outcomes of a "Boot Camp" for incoming neurology residents [Meeting Abstract]

Valentine, David; Allen, Alexander; Mirasol, Raymond; Kurzweil, Arielle
ISSN: 0028-3878
CID: 4028952

Factors Associated With Outpatient Neurology Clinic Follow-Up After Acute Stroke Hospitalization at a Large Public City Hospital [Meeting Abstract]

Tiu, Jonathan; Allen, Alexander; Finamore, Jon Marc; Yang, Dixon; Rostanski, Sara K.
ISSN: 0028-3878
CID: 4029052

A protean case of neurolymphomatosis [Meeting Abstract]

Valentine, David; Neophytides, Andreas; Allen, Alexander; Lustbader, Ian; Kurzweil, Arielle
ISSN: 0028-3878
CID: 4028892

Impact of Neurological Follow-Up on Early Hospital Readmission Rates for Acute Ischemic Stroke

Allen, Alexander; Barron, Todd; Mo, Ashley; Tangel, Richard; Linde, Ruth; Grim, Rodney; Mingle, John; Deibert, Ellen
INTRODUCTION/BACKGROUND:Despite advances in stroke care, readmission rates for patients with ischemic stroke remain high. Although factors such as age, diabetes, and continuous use of antiplatelet agents have been found to predict readmission rates, the impact of after-hospital care has not been examined. METHODS:The present study reviewed the charts of 416 patients with acute ischemic stroke and recorded stroke-related comorbidities, neurology follow-up within 21 days, readmission at 0 to 30 days, readmission at 31 to 90 days, and any reasons for readmission. RESULTS:= .017). Patients with coronary artery disease and diabetes had a significantly higher likelihood of readmission within 0 to 30 days. CONCLUSION/CONCLUSIONS:The present study suggests that neurology follow-up at any point in time for patients with acute ischemic stroke may reduce short-term readmissions, but special attention to optimizing management of other underlying medical conditions, coronary artery disease, or diabetes may also help reduce overall readmissions. Patients with stroke, therefore, may benefit from a follow-up with both the primary care and neurology in a coordinated fashion to prevent early readmissions at 30 days.
PMID: 28634502
ISSN: 1941-8744
CID: 4507402

Establishing a higher priority for chronic kidney disease in Peru

Francis, Elizabeth R; Allen, Alexander K; Herrera-Añazco, Percy; Kuo, Chin-Chi; Cardenas, Maria K; Feldman, Harold I; Baral, Stefan D; Miranda, J Jaime
PMID: 26718798
ISSN: 2214-109x
CID: 4507392