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Real-World Direct-to-Patient Teledermatology in a Low-Income, Elderly Population [Letter]

Cline, Abigail; Kim, Cary; Deitz, Marcia; Rizzo, Amilcar; Thagirisa, Anil; Asrani, Falguni; Safai, Bijan; Marmon, Shoshana
PMID: 33476731
ISSN: 1097-6787
CID: 4760832

Race, Ethnicity and Comorbidities are Critical Factors in the Diagnosis of Telogen Effluvium During the COVID- 19 Pandemic

Cline, Abigail; Jacobs, Ashley Keyes; Fonseca, Maira; Wu, Julia; Asrani, Falguni; Safai, Bijan; Glick, Sharon; McLellan, Beth N; McMichael, Amy J; Marmon, Shoshana
PMID: 33839211
ISSN: 1097-6787
CID: 4845502

The Underrepresentation of "COVID Toes" in Skin of Color: An Example of Racial Bias or Evidence of a Tenuous Disease Association? [Letter]

Cline, Abigail; Berk-Krauss, Juliana; Keyes Jacobs, Ashley; Fonseca, Maira; Wu, Julia; Asrani, Falguni; Rizzo, Amilcar; Moy, Janet; Russo, Marian; Glick, Sharon; Blasiak, Rachel; McLellan, Beth N; Marmon, Shoshana
PMID: 33217508
ISSN: 1097-6787
CID: 4673222

Covid Toes: Phenomenon or Epiphenomenon? [Letter]

Deutsch, Alana; Blasiak, Rachel; Keyes, Ashley; Wu, Julia; Marmon, Shoshana; Asrani, Falguni; Moy, Janet; Russo, Marian; McLellan, Beth N
PMID: 32682878
ISSN: 1097-6787
CID: 4531822

Nocardiosis incognito: Primary cutaneous nocardiosis with extension to myositis and pleural infection

Nguyen, Nhan M; Sink, Jacquelyn R; Carter, Adam J; Asrani, Falguni
PMID: 29296648
ISSN: 2352-5126
CID: 3304092

Patterned blister micrografting to repigment stable vitiligo: A novel technique [Meeting Abstract]

Asrani, Falguni; Shah, Ajay; Anderson, R. Rox; Liu, Vincent; Farinelli, William
ISSN: 0190-9622
CID: 3304102

Epiluminescence microscopy: Study of hypopigmentary disorders in Fitzpatrick skin types IV and V [Meeting Abstract]

Asrani, Falguni; Wadhwa, Satish; Khopkar, Uday
ISSN: 0190-9622
CID: 3304112