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Teaching medical students to care for patients with disabilities: Impact on students, faculty, and patients [Meeting Abstract]

Stevens, DL; Moroz, A; Waldman, S; Richardson-Heron, D; Dreyer, BP; Aull, FB; Chase, JM
ISSN: 0884-8734
CID: 2659002

Poetry in the borderlands of medicine

Aull, Felice
PMID: 16273447
ISSN: 0742-3225
CID: 61851

What can poetry teach physicians?

Aull, Felice B
PMID: 16271937
ISSN: 1555-7162
CID: 93964

Telling and listening: Constraints and opportunities

Aull, F
ISSN: 1063-3685
CID: 58814

Medical intellectuals: resisting medical orientalism

Aull, Felice; Lewis, Bradley
In this paper, we propose analogies between medical discourse and Edward Said's 'Orientalism.' Medical discourse, like Orientalism, tends to favor institutional interests and can be similarly dehumanizing in its reductionism, textual representations, and construction of its subjects. To resist Orientalism, Said recommends that critics--'intellectuals'--adopt the perspective of exile. We apply Said's paradigm of intellectual-as-exile to better understand the work of key physician-authors who cross personal and professional boundaries, who engage with patients in mutually therapeutic relationships, and who take on the public responsibility of representation and advocacy. We call these physician-authors 'medical intellectuals' and encourage others to follow in their path
PMID: 15156757
ISSN: 1041-3545
CID: 43622

Vital Lines/Vital Signs: a conference on poetry & medicine, April 23-25, 2004 Duke University

Poetry in the borderland of medicine: an elective course

Aull, Felice
CID: 150906

Commentary [on the Literature, Arts, and Medicine Database] [Comment]

Aull, Felice
PMID: 14534110
ISSN: 1040-2446
CID: 39037

Medical humanities at New York University School of Medicine: an array of rich programs in diverse settings

Krackov, Sharon K; Levin, Richard I; Catanese, Veronica; Rey, Mariano; Aull, Felice; Blagev, Denitza; Dreyer, Benard; Grieco, Anthony J; Hebert, Cristy; Kalet, Adina; Lipkin, Mack Jr; Lowenstein, Jerome; Ofri, Danielle; Stevens, David
The New York University School of Medicine has a rich tradition of cultivating programs in medical humanities and professionalism. They are drawn from the departments, centers, students, and faculty in the School of Medicine, have linkages throughout the university, and are interwoven into the fabric and culture of the institution. Some are centrally based in the School of Medicine's deans' office, and others are located in individual departments and receive support from the dean's office. This article describes representative programs for medical students and faculty. Curricular initiatives, the fundamental components of medical students' learning, include a course entitled 'The Physician, Patient, and Society,' a clerkship essay in the Medicine Clerkship, an opportunity for reflection during the medicine clerkship, and a medical humanities elective. In 2002, the Professionalism Initiative was launched to enhance and reflect the values of the medical profession. Its curriculum consists of a series of events that coordinate, particularly, with existing elements of the first-year curriculum (e.g., orientation week, a session during anatomy, a self-assessment workshop, and a peer-assessment workshop). The Master Scholars Program is a group of five, theme-based master societies consisting of faculty and students who share common interests around the society's themes. Programs developed for the societies include colloquia, faculty-led seminars, a mandatory student-mentoring program, and visiting scholars. Finally, the authors describe three high-quality literary publications created at New York University School of Medicine. Each of the initiatives undergoes regular critical examination and reflection that drive future planning
PMID: 14534091
ISSN: 1040-2446
CID: 39038

Ethics and the humanities: "Death of the good doctor: lessons from the heart of the AIDS epidemic" [Book Review]

Aull F
ISSN: 1543-4677
CID: 43623

Editors' choices from the Literature, arts, and medicine database: 10 year anniversary

Aull, Felice
New York : New York University, 2003
Extent: 198 p.; 28cm.
ISBN: 0965159345
CID: 771