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The Diagnosis and Management of Agitation [Book Review]

Badaracco, Mary Anne
ISSN: 0002-953x
CID: 3587792

Clinical and Psychosocial Profiles of Asian Immigrants Who Repeatedly Attempt Suicide

Chung, Irene W; Caine, Eric D; Barron, Charles T; Badaracco, Mary A
BACKGROUND: Persons who repeatedly attempt suicide comprise a highly distressed population that warrants the understanding of risk and protective factors in assessment and treatment. There is a dearth of literature on Asian immigrants' suicidal behavior. AIMS: The study aimed to capture the clinical and psychosocial profiles of Asian immigrants who made repeated suicide attempts. METHOD: We utilized retrospective chart reviews (n = 44) and in-person interviews (n = 12) in two urban public hospitals. RESULTS: The study samples shared major suicide risk factors identified in studies of other populations. Participants of the interview sample suffered from a pervasive sense of hopelessness stemming from social isolation, self-stigma, feelings of failure in their life roles, and perceptions of rejection by their families. Conversely, psychological well-being - feeling cared for and able to reciprocate care for others - appeared to be a protective factor for participants who improved in their functioning and recovery. CONCLUSION: The study lays the groundwork for further research on suicide risk and protective factors.
PMID: 26502786
ISSN: 0227-5910
CID: 1816752


Robinson, T; Kariuki, SN; Franek, BS; Kumar, AA; Badaracco, M; Utset, TO; Niewold, TB; Mikolaitis, RA; Jolly, M
ISSN: 1081-5589
CID: 2629082

Keeping our depressed patients in the right treatment long enough for them to get better: some hopeful findings [Editorial]

Badaracco, Mary Anne
PMID: 17671271
ISSN: 0002-953x
CID: 87013

Conflict of interest, round 2 [Editorial]

Freedman, Robert; Lewis, David A; Michels, Robert; Pine, Daniel S; Schultz, Susan K; Tamminga, Carol; Patterson, Sandra L; McIntyre, John S; Goldman, Howard H; Yudofsky, Stuart C; Hales, Robert E; Rapaport, Mark H; Hales, Deborah; Krajeski, James; Kupfer, David J; Badaracco, Mary Anne; Scully, James H Jr
PMID: 16946167
ISSN: 0002-953x
CID: 87014

Getting our own house in order: improving psychiatry education to medical students as a prelude to medical school education reform

Alpert, Jonathan E; Schlozman, Steve; Badaracco, Mary Anne; Burke, Jay; Borus, Jonathan F
OBJECTIVE: The authors summarize efforts to revitalize psychiatry teaching to medical students at Harvard Medical School (HMS) in advance of a major overhaul of the medical school curriculum. METHODS: This preliminary report chronicles key challenges and the organization of the reform effort within the departments of psychiatry affiliated with the medical school. RESULTS: Based upon a comprehensive internal review of psychiatric education at the medical school, the HMS Psychiatry Executive Committee and psychiatry faculty concluded that psychiatry teaching was underresourced and lacked cohesion and consistent standards and expectations across clinical sites involved in psychiatry teaching. Through a willingness to identify and vigorously address deficiencies in medical student education within a large decentralized program, psychiatry has earned a reputation as an effective reform agent at the medical school. CONCLUSIONS: Psychiatry education improvements have strengthened our partnership with the medical school as it is undertaking major educational reform of its entire curriculum
PMID: 16609125
ISSN: 1042-9670
CID: 87016

Domains of discussion in psychotherapy: what do patients really want?

Miovic, Michael; McCarthy, Mary; Badaracco, Mary Anne; Greenberg, William; Fitzmaurice, Garrett M; Peteet, John R
Little quantitative data exist on what the content of non-manualized psychotherapy in contemporary clinical settings actually is, and what patients and clinicians think it ought to be. This descriptive pilot study identified potential content areas to address in psychotherapy, quantified the relative importance of these domains of discussion to patients vs. clinicians, and attempted to measure the frequency with which these domains are actually addressed in current clinical practice at two academic, urban hospitals. The conteni areas assessed included health habits, avocations, work, family, friendships, community involvement, spirituality/religion, finance, sexuality, political activities, educational and cultural pursuits, and ethnicity/race. Overall, clinicians and patients agreed about the relative personal importance and importance to treatment of these content areas, and they rated work, family, friends, and sexuality as the most important domains of discussion for psychotherapy. Also, this sample of patients did not feel that clinicians undervalue the importance of religion and spirituality
PMID: 16770917
ISSN: 0002-9564
CID: 87015

Identity and intimacy in psychotherapy with a young woman: four perspectives [Case Report]

Greenberg, K S; Engle, R P; Badaracco, M A; Peck, P
PMID: 10370446
ISSN: 1067-3229
CID: 87017

Multiple perspectives on mixed anxiety and depression [Case Report]

Bures, J; Badaracco, M A; Birnbaum, R J; Goisman, R M
PMID: 9384995
ISSN: 1067-3229
CID: 87018

The perils of treatment: proceedings of the Harvard Residency Teaching Day [Case Report]

Badaracco, M A; Rosenbaum, J; Goisman, R
PMID: 9384978
ISSN: 1067-3229
CID: 87019