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Minimally invasive surgical technique for deep transverse metatarsal ligament release secondary to painful neuroma using the Arthrex® NanoScopeTM system

Russo, Ashley T; Ferguson, Raymond G; Bailey-Maletta, April
ISSN: 2667-3967
CID: 5634752

Necrotizing Fasciitis of the Lower Extremity Caused by Serratia marcescens A Case Report [Case Report]

Heigh, Evelyn G; Maletta-Bailey, April; Haight, John; Landis, Gregg S
Necrotizing fasciitis is a rare and potentially fatal infection, with mortality of up to 30%. This case report describes a patient recovering from a laryngectomy for laryngeal squamous cell cancer who developed nosocomial necrotizing fasciitis of the lower extremity due to Serratia marcescens . Only eight cases of necrotizing fasciitis exclusive to the lower extremity due to S marcescens have been previously reported. Patients with S marcescens necrotizing fasciitis of the lower extremity often have multiple comorbidities, are frequently immunosuppressed, and have a strikingly high mortality rate.
PMID: 27031553
ISSN: 1930-8264
CID: 5634762