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Dual light chain extramedullary myeloma presenting with mediastinal lymphadenopathy and lytic bone lesions

Vlachostergios, Panagiotis J; Oikonomou, Katerina G; Hussain, Adnan; Abbi, Rakesh; Balmiki, Rajeev L
PMID: 27000549
ISSN: 1658-3876
CID: 2051982

GRP78 and alpha2-macroglobulin are new promising targets for metastatic castrate-resistant prostate cancer treatment

Vlachostergios, P J; Balmiki, R L; Daya, R
PMID: 26133520
ISSN: 1699-3055
CID: 1822032

Composite angioimmunoblastic T-cell and diffuse large B-cell lymphoma

Alperovich, Anna; Vlachostergios, Panagiotis J; Binder, Adam; Oliff, Andrew H; Balmiki, Rajeev L; Dufresne, Francois
PMID: 25953233
ISSN: 1658-3876
CID: 1798052

Bone metastases and hypercalcaemia from cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma [Case Report]

Vlachostergios, Panagiotis J; Balmiki, Rajeev L
PMID: 24913085
ISSN: 1757-790x
CID: 1798062