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Effect of Chorionicity on Umbilical Cord Blood Acid-Base Analysis of the Second Twin

Blitz, Matthew J; Rochelson, Burton; Benja-Athonsirikul, Nontawan; Shan, Weiwei; Greenberg, Meir; Bracero, Luis A
Our objective was to determine whether chorionicity affects umbilical cord blood acid-base parameters of the second twin. This was a retrospective cohort of twin pregnancies delivered at ≥23 weeks of gestation at a tertiary hospital from 2010 to 2016. Patients were included if arterial and venous umbilical cord gas results were available for both newborns and chorionicity was confirmed histologically. Exclusion criteria included intrauterine fetal demise of either twin prior to labor, major fetal anomalies, monoamnionicity, uncertain chronicity and twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome. The primary outcome evaluated was the umbilical artery (UA) pH of the second twin. A total of 593 dichorionic (DC) and 86 monochorionic (MC) twin pregnancies were included. No difference in UA pH was observed between MC and DC twins. Among vaginal deliveries (n = 97), the UA pH of the first twin was higher than the second twin (7.26 vs. 7.24; p = .01). Twin-to-twin delivery interval (TTDI) ≥20 min was associated with a higher UA pH in the first twin compared to the second twin (7.25 vs. 7.16, respectively; p = .006). Multivariable logistic regression was used to predict arterial pH < 7.20 for the second twin; the most predictive factors were arterial pH < 7.20 for the first twin, chronic hypertension and prolonged TTDI. Chorionicity was not associated with any acid-base parameter of umbilical cord blood in either the first or second twin. No differences in neonatal outcomes were observed based on chorionicity or birth order. Populations with a lower cesarean delivery rate may yield different findings.
PMID: 32248867
ISSN: 1832-4274
CID: 4377002

Association of Chorionicity with Umbilical Arterial Cord pH in Twin Pregnancies. [Meeting Abstract]

Blitz, Matthew J.; Benja-Athonsirikul, Nontawan; Rochelson, Burton; Greenberg, Meir; Bracero, Luis A.
ISSN: 1933-7191
CID: 3214092