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Update February 2024

Blei, Francine
PMID: 38394089
ISSN: 1557-8585
CID: 5634562

Update December 2023

Blei, Francine
PMID: 38149917
ISSN: 1557-8585
CID: 5623582

Update October 2023

Blei, Francine
PMID: 37870780
ISSN: 1557-8585
CID: 5614272

A New Approach for Diagnosis and Surveillance of Infantile Subglottic Hemangioma in the Era of Propranolol Use: A Case Series

Ezeh, Uche C; Ben-Dov, Tom; Taufique, Zahrah M; Gaffey, Megan M; Blei, Francine; April, Max M
OBJECTIVE/UNASSIGNED:To report our institutional experience in diagnosing and surveilling patients with infantile subglottic hemangioma (SGH) using in-office flexible fiberoptic laryngoscopy (FFL) with video technology, without requiring operative endoscopy in the era of propranolol use. METHODS/UNASSIGNED:A retrospective case series was conducted on 4 children diagnosed with SGH between 2016 and 2022 at our institution. RESULTS/UNASSIGNED:Awake FFL with video technology provided adequate visualization of SGH lesions for diagnosis, without any complications. Serial examinations of the airway were performed in the outpatient setting and each SGH gradually regressed, with marked improvement in respiratory symptoms within 48 hours of oral propranolol initiation. CONCLUSION/UNASSIGNED:Our findings showed that in select patients, FFL with video technology can successfully identify SGH lesions without general anesthesia exposure. FFL may be used as a low-risk screening tool for propranolol therapy initiation in some patients, but operative endoscopy should remain the gold standard procedure for others. By utilizing FFL in this manner, it is possible to diagnose SGH lesions and start propranolol therapy without exposing all patients to the risks of operative endoscopy.
PMID: 37551026
ISSN: 1943-572x
CID: 5619052

Update August 2023

Blei, Francine
PMID: 37616587
ISSN: 1557-8585
CID: 5598772

Update June 2023

Blei, Francine
PMID: 37358829
ISSN: 1557-8585
CID: 5540072

Sirolimus for diffuse intestinal infantile hemangioma with PHACE features: systematic review

Kleinman, Elana P; Blei, Francine; Adams, Denise; Greenberger, Shoshana
BACKGROUND:We report a 3-month-old female with cardiovascular anomalies and diffuse intestinal infantile hemangioma (IIH) of the small bowel suggesting possible diagnosis of PHACE syndrome (posterior fossa anomalies, hemangioma, arterial lesions, cardiac abnormalities/coarctation of the aorta, eye anomalies). The GI symptoms persisted under treatment with propranolol, whereas the addition of sirolimus led to regression of the IIH. METHODS:A systematic review was conducted using PubMed, EMBASE, and Ovid MEDLINE databases between 1982 and 2021. RESULTS:A total of 4933 articles were identified; 24 articles met inclusion criteria with 46 IIH cases. The most common GI presentations were unspecified GI bleed (40%) and anemia (38%). The most common treatments were corticosteroids (63%), surgical resection (32.6%), and propranolol (28%). Available outcomes were primarily bleeding arrest (84%). Nine cases (19.5%) were diagnosed with definite PHACE, 5 (11%) with possible PHACE, and 32 (69.5%) no PHACE. Our case presented with symptoms most consistent with those of possible PHACE and definite PHACE. No cases in this review underwent treatment with sirolimus. CONCLUSIONS:This is the first reported case of successful treatment of IIH with sirolimus. Our case, along with other patients who present with IIH and PHACE features, suggests consideration of IIH as a diagnostic criterion for PHACE syndrome. IMPACT/CONCLUSIONS:This is the first reported case in which sirolimus showed regression of an intestinal infantile hemangioma. This study serves to demonstrate the presentation, treatment, outcomes of intestinal infantile hemangioma, and correlation with PHACE. The potential correlation between intestinal infantile hemangioma and PHACE deserves more study in consideration of intestinal infantile hemangioma as a diagnostic criterion of PHACE.
PMID: 36180586
ISSN: 1530-0447
CID: 5334722

Update April 2023

Blei, Francine
PMID: 37093172
ISSN: 1557-8585
CID: 5465002

Update February 2023

Blei, Francine
PMID: 36809167
ISSN: 1557-8585
CID: 5433862

Letter to editor regarding "Clinical practice guidelines on management of infantile hemangioma: a systematic quality appraisal using the AGREE II instrument"

Frieden, Ilona J; Mancini, Anthony J; Blei, Francine; Darrow, David H; Krowchuk, Daniel P
PMID: 36688573
ISSN: 1521-0669
CID: 5419462