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The five times sit-to-stand test predicts same-day discharge for outpatients undergoing total joint arthroplasty

Camillieri, Susan
PURPOSE/OBJECTIVE:To examine whether a patient's pre-operatively administered five times sit-to-stand (FTSTS) test score, when used alone or when combined with previously established predictors, relates to same-day discharge (SDD) after total knee or hip arthroplasty. METHODS:This study utilized a multivariate, retrospective, observational design. Electronic medical record data for included participants were used to analyze the relationship between the patient factors (including the novel FTSTS variable) and the SDD outcome. Univariate and multiple variable regression modeling was undertaken to understand the strength of the relationship between the independent variables with the dependent variable. Receiver operating curve (ROC) analysis was performed to determine the area under the curve (AUC) for the novel model. Cut score analysis was performed to establish the score which has the greatest utility for stratifying patients based upon their likelihood of achieving SDD. RESULTS:All independent variables related to the SDD outcome with varying effect sizes. The dichotomized FTSTS score related to the SDD outcome with medium effect (Exp(B) = 2.56). The score of 13.6 s was established as the point where the test was most highly sensitive and specific. The combined model including all included patient characteristics had a classification accuracy of 64.7% and an area under the curve score of .724. CONCLUSION/CONCLUSIONS:The FTSTS score had higher predictive accuracy than all other stand-alone patient characteristics for the SDD outcome.
PMID: 37775574
ISSN: 1432-5195
CID: 5624262

Does Participation in Virtual or In-Person Preoperative Education Relate to Reduced Length of Stay After Total Joint Arthroplasty?

Camillieri, Susan
BACKGROUND/UNASSIGNED:Advancements in surgical procedures for total joint arthroplasty (TJA) have resulted in more effective procedures with more rapid recovery. To prepare patients for surgery, many organizations offer a preoperative "joint class," which has been associated with reduced length of stay (LOS). Virtual modes of education are increasingly favored for those having TJA. PURPOSE/UNASSIGNED:To determine whether participation in an individually administered preoperative educational session ("Prehab") relates to reduced LOS or increased likelihood of same-day discharge (SDD) for those undergoing TJA. Additionally, to establish whether and the virtual mode of education provision is superior or inferior to the in-person mode with regards to LOS benefits. METHODS/UNASSIGNED:tests, and binomial logistic regression were used to evaluate the LOS and SDD outcomes for those who participated in Prehab compared with those who did not. RESULTS/UNASSIGNED:Those receiving Prehab in any form had shorter LOS than those who had not. Those receiving virtual Prehab had the shortest LOS. There was no difference in the rate of SDD for outpatient-class patients. CONCLUSION/UNASSIGNED:Preoperative education is associated with LOS benefits to patients undergoing TJA. The virtual mode of education provision is at minimum non-inferior, and may be superior, to the in-person mode. The lack of statistically significant between-group differences for SDD outcomes may be explained by a lack of SDD-specific educational content provided during Prehab.
PMID: 38356753
ISSN: 1556-3316
CID: 5635822

Adapting Physical Therapy Practice for the "Short-Stay" Total Joint Arthroplasty Patient: A Commentary

Camillieri, Susan
PMID: 38356747
ISSN: 1556-3316
CID: 5635812

The influence of instructional media on achievement : a timeless debate

Camillieri, Susan
ISSN: 1547-4712
CID: 5295052

Cognitive-Behavioral Interventions for Improving Activity Outcomes After Stroke: A Narrative Review of the Literature

Camillieri, Susan
ISSN: 2516-6085
CID: 5295032

A Paradigm Shift for Acute Rehabilitation of Stroke

Camillieri, Susan
ISSN: 2516-6085
CID: 5295042