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Ureter and Nerve Root Compression Secondary to Expansile Fibrous Dysplasia of the Transverse Process

Hishmeh, Shuriz; Said, Joseph; Checo, Fernando J; Kondratyeva, Alexandra
Considering their proximity to abdominal viscera, transverse process lesions may pose a diagnostic challenge. We present a case of fibrous dysplasia of the transverse process, causing urinary retention, frequent urinary tract infections, and thigh numbness. This is the first reported case of a transverse process fibrous dysplasia lesion, causing simultaneous urinary retention and neurologic symptoms. Clinicians may consider lesions of the lumbar transverse processes in patients presenting to orthopedic surgeons with urinary symptoms, especially when combined with neurologic symptoms. In these lesions, fibrous dysplasia should be within the differential diagnosis. We discuss the diagnosis and present a brief review of fibrous dysplasia.
PMID: 26866323
ISSN: 1934-3418
CID: 5029822

Bone tunnel and suture anchor fixation of distal biceps tendon ruptures

Checo, Fernando J; Rodner, Craig M
Several different techniques to secure the distal end of the biceps tendon back to the radial tuberosity have been described in the literature. This paper will focus on 2 of the more common ones: (1) a 2-incision technique using a bone tunnel and (2) a 1-incision technique with suture anchors. Both of these techniques have been shown to produce similarly good clinical results.
PMID: 18703970
ISSN: 1538-1951
CID: 5029812