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Chapter by: Cheney, Benjamin; McMenamin, Daniel; Shorter, Daryl I
in: Handbook of motivation and change: A practical guide for clinicians by Levounis, Petros; Arnaout, Bachaar [Eds]
Arlington, VA, US: American Psychiatric Publishing, Inc.; US, 2010
pp. 7105-7110
ISBN: 978-1-58562-370-9
CID: 5342

Medical versus Spiritual Orientations: Differential Patient Views toward Recovery

Cheney, Benjamin; Galanter, Marc; Dermatis, Helen; Ross, Stephen
Background: Relapse among patients in substance abuse treatment has generated interest in identifying attitudinal factors that sustain recovery. Objective: To assess the relationship of attitudes toward approaches to motivation for treatment and Twelve Step beliefs. Methods: Dually diagnosed patients (N = 100) completed a survey assessing treatment attitudes, motivation, and Twelve Step beliefs. Results: Endorsement of medical services was positively correlated with motivation but unrelated to Twelve Step beliefs. Endorsement of religious services was unrelated to motivation but was associated with Twelve Step beliefs. Conclusions: Patients may have differing perceptions regarding routes to recovery based on preferences for professional services or spiritual resources
PMID: 19637102
ISSN: 0095-2990
CID: 107367