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Keeping the team together: Transformation of an inpatient neurology service at an urban, multi-ethnic, safety net hospital in New York City during COVID-19

Lord, Aaron S; Lombardi, Nicole; Evans, Katherine; Deveaux, Dewi; Douglas, Elizabeth; Mansfield, Laura; Zakin, Elina; Jakubowska-Sadowska, Katarzyna; Grayson, Kammi; Omari, Mirza; Yaghi, Shadi; Humbert, Kelley; Sanger, Matt; Kim, Sun; Boffa, Michael; Szuchumacher, Mariana; Jongeling, Amy; Vazquez, Blanca; Berberi, Nisida; Kwon, Patrick; Locascio, Gianna; Chervinsky, Alexander; Frontera, Jennifer; Zhou, Ting; Kahn, D Ethan; Abou-Fayssal, Nada
The COVID-19 pandemic dramatically affected the operations of New York City hospitals during March and April of 2020. This article describes the transformation of a neurology division at a 450-bed tertiary care hospital in a multi-ethnic community in Brooklyn during this initial wave of COVID-19. In lieu of a mass redeployment of staff to internal medicine teams, we report a novel method for a neurology division to participate in a hospital's expansion of care for patients with COVID-19 while maintaining existing team structures and their inherent supervisory and interpersonal support mechanisms.
PMID: 32877768
ISSN: 1872-6968
CID: 4583362

Russian vs English speakers: Symptom validity in forensic neuropsychological assessment [Meeting Abstract]

Chervinsky, AB
ISSN: 1385-4046
CID: 2698612

Computerized neuropsychological assessment: A survey of professional attitudes [Meeting Abstract]

Chervinsky, AB; Hamsher, K
ISSN: 1385-4046
CID: 2698602

Neuropsychological assessment of non-english and non-native speakers of English [Meeting Abstract]

Artiola, L; Chervinsky, F; Chervinsky, A
ISSN: 1385-4046
CID: 2698712

Attention: Test Performance of Clinical and Forensic Groups, Intraindividual Variability [Meeting Abstract]

Chervinsky, AB
ISSN: 1469-7661
CID: 2698782

Level of Performance and Discrepancies on Picture Completion and Picture Arrangement Subtests of the WAIS-III Among Forensic and Clinical Cases [Meeting Abstract]

Chervinsky, AB
ISSN: 1385-4046
CID: 2698812


Chervinsky, AB
ISSN: 1469-7661
CID: 2698792

Efficacy of inpatient multidisciplinary Rehabilitation versus low intensity home management after Moderate-Severe Brain Injury. [Meeting Abstract]

Spector, J; Warden, DL; Salazar, AM; Schwab, K; Chervinsky, A; Braverman, S
ISSN: 0887-6177
CID: 2698732

Motivation for traumatic brain injury rehabilitation questionnaire (MOT-Q): reliability, factor analysis, and relationship to MMPI-2 variables

Chervinsky, A B; Ommaya, A K; deJonge, M; Spector, J; Schwab, K; Salazar, A M
A Likert scale questionnaire was developed to assess motivation for postacute rehabilitation by traumatic brain injury patients. Items were designed to reflect head-injured individuals' statements about their attitudes toward head injury rehabilitation. Factors such as denial of illness, anger, compliance with treatment, and medical information seeking behavior were used to assess unfavorable and favorable components of motivation. Reliability was assessed using Cronbach's Alpha, which was found to be 0.91 for the total scale. Four factor analysis derived subscales were identified: Lack of Denial, Interest in Rehabilitation, Lack of Anger, and Reliance on Professional Help. Correlation and multiple regression analyses demonstrated moderate relationships between MOT-Q and several MMPI-2 variables largely related to indicators of somatic distress, depression and capacity for self-sufficiency. Lack of Denial subscale showed the strongest relationship to MMPI-2 of all MOT-Q variables, while Interest in Rehabilitation showed the best correlation to the MOT-Q total.
PMID: 14590608
ISSN: 0887-6177
CID: 2698572

Correlations between quantitative MRI variables and neuropsychological measures in traumatically brain injured individuals. [Meeting Abstract]

Oymmaya, AK; Chervinski, AB; ReiderGroswasser, I; Spector, J; Salazar, AM
ISSN: 0887-6177
CID: 2698772