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The Swiss Cheese Conference: Integrating and Aligning Quality Improvement Education With Hospital Patient Safety Initiatives

Durstenfeld, Matthew S; Statman, Scott; Dikman, Andrew; Fallahi, Anahita; Fang, Cindy; Volpicelli, Frank M; Hochman, Katherine A
The Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education requires integration of quality improvement and patient safety education into graduate medical education (GME). The authors created a novel "Swiss Cheese Conference" to bridge the gap between GME and hospital patient safety initiatives. Residents investigate a specific patient safety event and lead a monthly multidisciplinary conference about the case. Resident presenters introduce the Swiss cheese model, present the case and their findings, and teach a patient safety topic. In groups, participants identify contributing factors and discuss how to prevent similar events. Presenters and stakeholders immediately huddle to identify next steps. The Swiss Cheese Conference has increased participants' comfort analyzing safety issues from a systems perspective, utilizing the electronic reporting system, and launching patient safety initiatives. The Swiss Cheese Conference is a successful multidisciplinary model that engages GME trainees by integrating resident-led, case-based quality improvement education with creation of patient safety initiatives.
PMID: 30658537
ISSN: 1555-824x
CID: 3595512