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Molecular profiles and clinical-pathological features of Asian early-stage breast cancer patients [Meeting Abstract]

Chen, Margaret; Kwong, Ava; Hendricks, Carolyn; D\Abreo, Nina; Lee, Laura; Soliman, Hatem H.; Cox, Charles; Kling, Heather M.; Bhaskaran, Rajith; Wang, Shiyu; Menicucci, Andrea; Untch, Sarah; Audeh, William
ISSN: 0008-5472
CID: 4821122

The FLEX real-world data platform explores new gene expression profiles and investigator-initiated protocols in early stage breast cancer. [Meeting Abstract]

D\Abreo, Nina; Crozier, Jennifer A.; Brufsky, Adam; Grady, Ian; Diab, Sami; Mavromatis, Blanche H.; Dul, Carrie L.; Rahman, Rakhshanda Layeequr; Lee, Laura A.; Gadi, Vijayakrishna K.; Untch, Sarah; Yoder, Erin; Kling, Heather M.; Truitt, Amy; Audeh, William
ISSN: 0732-183x
CID: 4821052

The FLEX real world data platform explores new gene expression profiles and investigator-initiated protocols in early stage breast cancer [Meeting Abstract]

Crozier, Jennifer; Brufsky, Adam; Grady, Ian; Diab, Sami; Mavromatis, Blanche; D\Abreo, Nina; Dul, Carrie; Rahman, Rakhshanda Layeequr; Untch, Sarah; Yoder, Erin; Kling, Heather M.; Truitt, Amy M.; Audeh, William; van der Baan, Bastiaan
ISSN: 0008-5472
CID: 4821062

MammaPrint and BluePrint Molecular Profiles and Clinical-Pathological Features of Asian Early-stage Breast Cancer Patients: A Meta-analysis of Six Prospective Clinical Trials [Meeting Abstract]

Chen, Margaret; Whitworth, Pat; D\Abreo, Nina; Lomis, Thomas; Lee, Laura; Tsai, Michaela; Soliman, Hatem; Cox, Charles; Untch, Sarah; Kling, Heather; Audeh, William; Kwong, Ava
ISSN: 1068-9265
CID: 4821022

The FLEX Real-World Data Platform: Investigator-initiated Protocols Study Gene Expression and Neoadjuvant Therapy in Early-stage Breast Cancer [Meeting Abstract]

Whitworth, Pat; Habibi, Mehran; Grady, Ian; Lomis, Thomas; Crozier, Jennifer; Srkalovic, Gordan; Brufsky, Adam; Cox, Charles; D\Abreo, Nina; Untch, Sarah; Yoder, Erin; Kling, Heather; Audeh, William; van der Baan, Bastiaan
ISSN: 1068-9265
CID: 4821012

Immune-checkpoint inhibition for metastatic triple-negative breast cancer: safety first?

D'Abreo, Nina; Adams, Sylvia
PMID: 31053774
ISSN: 1759-4782
CID: 3914372

Megakaryoblastic Myeloid Sarcoma: Case Series of Lytic Bone Lesions With Radiographic and Histologic Correlation [Meeting Abstract]

Okonkwo, Linda; Donovan, Virginia; D'Abreo, Nina; Brooks, Michael K.
ISSN: 0002-9173
CID: 3275062

Sex hormone receptors in breast cancer

D'Abreo, Nina; Hindenburg, Alexander A
The dependency of certain breast cancers on estrogen is undeniably one of the most important observations in oncology. Since this early observation, there has been a tremendous effort to define the precise roles of the estrogen receptor (ER) in the pathogenesis of breast cancer. Estrogen signaling pathways can also be exploited as effective targets for cancer treatment. Both ligand-dependent and ligand-independent receptor activation pathways have been successfully blocked by hormonal therapies including selective ER modulators such as tamoxifen, by blocking and accelerating the degradation of ER (fulvestrant), and by depleting tissue levels of estrogen (aromatase inhibitors). Because of the immense prognostic and predictive value of the ER and PR receptor, accurately defining hormone dependency is also of paramount importance. Despite this avalanche of discovery and development resulting in improved outcome for the patient, resistance to these therapies, both intrinsic and acquired, is well known. Uncovering the various mechanisms of resistance has deepened scientific understanding of posttranslational modifications of these receptors, as well as their cross talk with other receptor families such as the HER-2/neu receptor. The recent discovery that orphan estrogen-related receptors may also play an important role in breast cancer is just starting to be appreciated. A clear understanding of the historical perspective and the intricacies of ER structure and function is required to improve current therapeutic strategies for breast cancer.
PMID: 23810004
ISSN: 0083-6729
CID: 3432342

In Vitro Characterization of Platelet Dysfunction In Common Hematological Disorders Using the Verify Now (R) Assay [Meeting Abstract]

D'Abreo, Nina; Kirtani, Vatsala; Eisenstein, Jennifer L. Kujawa; Nouri, Yelda; Geller, Matt; Staszewski, Harry
ISSN: 0006-4971
CID: 3432392

Validation of a pretransplantation assessment of mortality (PAM) score for predicting risk of death in the first two years after allogeneic hematopoietic cell transplantation in a teritiary transplant center [Meeting Abstract]

Chopra, Akhil; D'Abreo, Nina; Nagaraj, Gayathri; Aljumaily, Raid; Styler, Michael; Topolsky, David; Crilley, Pamela; Gracely, Edward
ISSN: 0006-4971
CID: 3432382