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Psychosis in the emergency department

Chapter by: Dahan, Abigail
in: Behavioral emergencies for healthcare providers., 2nd ed by Zun, Leslie S [Ed]; Nordstrom, Kimberly [Ed]; Wilson, Michael P [Ed]
Cham, Switzerland: Springer Nature Switzerland AG; Switzerland, 2021
pp. 131-139
ISBN: 978-3-030-52519-4
CID: 5296772

Assessing risk of violence in psychosis

Chapter by: Dahan, Abigail L; Woodman, Jessica
in: A case-based approach to emergency psychiatry by Maloy, Katherine [Eds]
New York, NY, US: Oxford University Press, 2016
pp. 41-50
ISBN: 978-0-19-025084-3
CID: 2523222

Commentary: nuances of reverse-waiver evaluations of adolescents in adult criminal court [Comment]

Lyons, Camilla L; Adams, Adria N; Dahan, Abigail L
Several factors influence a judge's decision to transfer youthful defendants to juvenile court from adult court, including the forensic evaluator's ultimate opinion, the defendant's amenability to treatment, and public safety risk. In this commentary, we examine the constructs that evaluators must assess, as established by Kent v. United States (1966). We begin by outlining the legal history that led to the large population of youths currently in the adult criminal justice system nationwide and the negative consequences of their incarceration in adult settings. We consider the unique role of forensic psychologists and psychiatrists as experts in development, with special regard to their ability to assess and inform the court about amenability to treatment and emotional maturity. The determination of amenability to treatment is further explored through a review of the current literature examining the influence of diagnostic labeling on judicial decisions and the treatment response of adolescent offenders who have psychopathy features. We conclude with an update on the recent proposal for juvenile justice reform in the authors' state of New York.
PMID: 22960916
ISSN: 1093-6793
CID: 181372

What every psychiatrist needs to know about treating adolescents and youth with type 1 diabetes : a review

Dahan, Abigail
Psychiatrists, psychologists, and social workers play an integral role in the treatment and management of adolescents with type 1 diabetes. This article reviews psychological impacts of diabetes at various stages of child development and psychopathology associated with diabetes. This psychopathology includes cognitive effects of type 1 diabetes, as well as mood disorders and eating disorders. Focus of treatment for these disorders will be reviewed. With these special considerations in mind, the therapist and psychiatrist treating youth with type 1 diabetes can have a positive influence not only on the adolescent's mental health but also on his/her physical health. Therefore, the role of the psychiatrist in the treatment of adolescents with type 1 diabetes can be medically crucial.
ISSN: 2042-4698
CID: 217612

A proposed role for the psychiatrist in the treatment of adolescents with type I diabetes

Dahan, Abigail; McAfee, Scot G
Type I diabetes is a chronic illness that most frequently develops during childhood. As a medical doctor with an understanding of psychology and human development, the psychiatrist is in a unique position to guide the child or adolescent with diabetes and his family through the typical lifestyle adjustments that are encountered when diagnosed with diabetes. This article presents an overview of the diagnosis and management of type I diabetes, reviews the ways in which diabetes will interact with child development, and discusses the increased rates of eating disorders and mood disorders among children with type I diabetes. There is a distinct role for the psychiatrist to be involved in the diabetes care team of children and adolescents diagnosed with type I diabetes and this role can be medically crucial.
PMID: 19408118
ISSN: 0033-2720
CID: 161637