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Exposure therapy for generalized anxiety disorder in children and adolescents

Chapter by: Davis, Jordan P; Palitz, Sophie A; Norris, Lesley A; Phillips, Katherine E; Crane, Margaret E; Kendall, Philip C
in: Exposure Therapy for Children with Anxiety and OCD : Clinician's Guide to Integrated Treatment by Peris, TS; et al [Eds]
[S.l.] : Academic Press, 2020
pp. 221-243
CID: 4521402

Emotional Awareness Predicts Specific Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Outcomes for Anxious Youth

Davis, Jordan P; Kendall, Philip C; Suveg, Cynthia M
The current study examined emotional awareness as a predictor of differential outcomes for youth treated for an anxiety disorder. 37 youth ages 7-15 received either individual cognitive-behavioral therapy or family cognitive-behavioral therapy to treat generalized anxiety disorder, separation anxiety disorder, and/or social phobia. Diagnoses were determined by independent evaluators, following semi-structured interviews (ADIS-IV-C/P) with youth and their parents. Self-report questionnaires, including the multidimensional anxiety scale for children and the emotion expressivity scale for children, were completed at pre- and posttreatment. Youth with higher levels of pretreatment emotional awareness had better treatment outcomes than youth with lower levels of emotional awareness, with specific regard to improved ability to cope with worry. Findings suggest that higher levels of emotional awareness facilitate better specific outcomes for anxious youth. Findings highlight the importance of understanding the emotions associated with worry during the treatment process.
PMID: 30603936
ISSN: 1573-3327
CID: 4519952

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy with Youth

Chapter by: Davis, Jordan P; Palitz, Sophie P; Knepley, M
in: Handbook of cognitive-behavioral therapies by Dobson, Keith S; Dozois, David J (Eds)
New York : Guilford Press, [2019]
pp. ?-?
ISBN: 9781462538591electro
CID: 4521392

Anxiety disorders

Chapter by: Palitz, Sophie A; Davis, Jordan P; Kendall, Philip C
in: Treatment of disorders in childhood and adolescence by Prinstein, Mitchell J; Youngstrom, Eric Arden; Mash, Eric J; Barkley, Russell A (Eds)
New York : The Guilford Press, [2019]
pp. ?-?
ISBN: 1462538983
CID: 4521382

Addressing Comorbidities When Treating Anxious Youth

Palitz, Sophie A; Carper, Matthew M; Kagan, Elana R; Aggarwal, Richa; Frank, E. Hannah; Davis, Jordan P; Kendall, Philip C
ISSN: 2379-4933
CID: 4521372

Process Factors Associated with Improved Outcomes in CBT for Anxious Youth: Therapeutic Content, Alliance, and Therapist Actions

Crawford, Erika A.; Frank, Hannah E.; Palitz, Sophie A.; Davis, Jordan P.; Kendall, Philip C.
ISSN: 0147-5916
CID: 4520282

Homesickness and adjustment across the first year of college: A longitudinal study

English, Tammy; Davis, Jordan; Wei, Melissa; Gross, James J
Homesickness can put individuals at risk for a host of adjustment difficulties. The millions of students that leave home for college each year may be particularly susceptible to experiencing homesickness. There is little work, however, examining individual variation in homesickness over time and how these changes predict different outcomes in college. The present study examines weekly levels of homesickness during the first term of college and tests the associations between homesickness and various aspects of adjustment. Results showed that, on average, homesickness decreased slightly across the first semester of college, but there were individual differences in homesickness trajectories. Freshmen who reported higher levels of homesickness showed worse overall adjustment to college, even when controlling for negative emotional experience and prior adjustment. Homesickness was associated with poorer social outcomes, but these social difficulties were limited to interactions with others in the college environment. Academic outcomes were not adversely impacted by homesickness. Findings suggest that homesickness is a common experience for freshmen, and, despite its relatively transient nature, homesickness has important implications for college adjustment. (PsycINFO Database Record
PMID: 27775406
ISSN: 1931-1516
CID: 4521362