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Anatomic factors in recurrent pregnancy loss

Devi Wold, Anne S; Pham, Norma; Arici, Aydin
Anatomic uterine defects are present in 15% of women evaluated for three or more consecutive spontaneous abortions. These anatomic abnormalities can be classified as congenital or acquired. In addition to pregnancy loss, uterine malformations appear to predispose women to other reproductive difficulties including infertility, preterm labor, and abnormal presentation. These poor reproductive outcomes resulting from uterine septum, intrauterine adhesions, polyps, and fibroids are amenable to surgical correction. Therefore, it is essential to make an accurate diagnosis to offer an adequate treatment. In this article, we review the common congenital and acquired uterine anomalies associated with recurrent pregnancy losses, and discuss contemporary diagnosis and treatment options.
PMID: 16418975
ISSN: 1526-8004
CID: 4925042

Follicle number and peak estradiol levels are less useful in predicting number of oocytes retrieved in older women undergoing in vitro fertilization (IVF). [Meeting Abstract]

Wold, AD; Sanguineti, F; Kuczynski, E; Pasquale, P
ISSN: 0015-0282
CID: 2208222