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Coronary artery diameter as a risk factor for acute coronary syndromes in Asian-Indians

Makaryus, Amgad N; Dhama, Bhupesh; Raince, Jagdeep; Raince, Avtar; Garyali, Samir; Labana, Subir S; Kaplan, Barry M; Park, Chong; Jauhar, Rajiv
Asian-Indians have high rates of coronary artery disease (CAD), which also occurs at an earlier age, with 50% of all heart attacks occurring in patients <55 years old and 25% in those <40 years old. Previous studies have cited structural factors in Asian-Indians, specifically smaller coronary arteries, as the cause of increased CAD in this population. We found that Asian-Indian patients have smaller coronary arteries, with a statistically significant difference in the mean diameter even after correction for body surface area
PMID: 16169359
ISSN: 0002-9149
CID: 75555