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An Exploratory Qualitative Study of Patient and Caregiver Perspectives of Ambulatory Kidney Palliative Care

Bristol, Alycia A; Chaudhry, Sobaata; Assis, Dana; Wright, Rebecca; Moriyama, Derek; Harwood, Katherine; Brody, Abraham A; Charytan, David M; Chodosh, Joshua; Scherer, Jennifer S
OBJECTIVES/UNASSIGNED:The ideal clinical model to deliver palliative care to patients with advanced kidney disease is currently unknown. Internationally, ambulatory kidney palliative care clinics have emerged with positive outcomes, yet there is limited data from the United States (US). In this exploratory study we report perceptions of a US-based ambulatory kidney palliative care clinic from the perspective of patient and caregiver attendees. The objective of this study was to inform further improvement of our clinical program. METHODS/UNASSIGNED:Semi-structured interviews were conducted to elicit the patient and caregiver experience. Eleven interviews (8 patients with chronic kidney disease stage IV or V and 3 caregivers) were analyzed using qualitative description design. RESULTS/UNASSIGNED:We identified 2 themes: "Communication addressing the emotional and physical aspects of disease" and "Filling gaps in care"; Subthemes include perceived value in symptom management, assistance with coping with disease, engagement in advance care planning, program satisfaction and patient activation. SIGNIFICANCE OF RESULTS/UNASSIGNED:Qualitative analysis showed that attendees of an ambulatory kidney palliative care clinic found the clinic enhanced the management of their kidney disease and provided services that filled current gaps in their care. Shared experiences highlight the significant challenges of life with kidney disease and the possible benefits of palliative care for this population. Further study to determine the optimal model of care for kidney palliative care is needed. Inclusion of the patient and caregiver perspective will be essential in this development.
PMID: 33438435
ISSN: 1938-2715
CID: 4746812

Boceprevir (BOC) Based Triple Therapy (TTx) for Hepatitis C Recurrence after Liver Transplantation: Six Month Results. [Meeting Abstract]

Schilsky, M.; Sam, T.; Assis, D.; Caldwell, C.; Fortune, B.; Jakab, S.; Liapakis, A.; Rodriguez-Davalos, M.; Tichy, E.; Emre, S.
ISSN: 1600-6135
CID: 5362472