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Proving microcystic ultrasound appearance of borderline ovarian tumors by three-dimensional 'silhouette' rendering

Timor-Tritsch, I E; Monteagudo, A; Popiolek, D A; Duncan, K M; Goldstein, S R
PMID: 35195307
ISSN: 1469-0705
CID: 5172182

Large Uterine, Subserosal Hematoma as a Complication of Dilation and Evacuation Leading to Necrotic Uterine Defect and Delayed Postabortion Hemorrhage

Kreines, Fabiana M.; Duncan, Karen
ISSN: 1042-4067
CID: 4773852

Match Preparation: Optimizing Success and Satisfaction [Meeting Abstract]

Duncan, Karen M.
ISSN: 0029-7844
CID: 3575012

Cesarean or vaginal delivery for the breech fetus at the threshold of viability: results from a maternal-fetal medicine specialists survey

Deutsch, Aaron B; Duncan, Karen; Rajaram, Lakshminarayan; Salihu, Hamisu M; Spellacy, William N; Belogolovkin, Victoria
OBJECTIVE: To determine how United States Maternal-Fetal medicine specialists recommend delivery of a breech fetus at the threshold of viability. METHODS: U.S. Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine (SMFM) members were surveyed about; geographic location, practice type, whether they performed deliveries, definition of threshold for viability, recommendations for delivery of a breech fetus at the threshold of viability, and if the current medical-legal climate had any bearing on their decisions. Chi-Square and Fisher's Exact tests were used for analysis. RESULTS: 510 SMFM members responded to the questionnaire. The highest percentage of respondents stated '23 weeks' (31%) as the cutoff for viability, followed by '24 weeks' (21%) and '23 weeks or 500 g' (10%). Seventy percent recommended cesarean delivery for a breech fetus at the threshold of viability. The majority of respondents based their decision on 'published data' or 'expert opinion', however, 58.6% reported they felt current medical evidence was inadequate to support a recommendation. Fifty-three percent stated their recommendations are affected by medical-legal concerns. CONCLUSION: The majority of U.S. maternal fetal-medicine specialists who responded would recommend cesarean delivery for a breech fetus at the threshold of viability, despite the belief that there is inadequate evidence in the literature to support this recommendation.
PMID: 20807158
ISSN: 1476-4954
CID: 1072032