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Ectopic pregnancy rates after in vitro fertilization: a look at the donor egg population

Rosman, Elana R; Keegan, Debbra A; Krey, Lewis; Liu, Mengling; Licciardi, Frederick; Grifo, Jamie A
In an 8-year review of ectopic pregnancy (EP) rates in donor egg recipients and standard patients undergoing in vitro fertilization-embryo transfer (IVF-ET) at a large university-based program, we report an EP rate of 0.6% in donor egg recipients and 0.9% in standard IVF patients, a difference that is not statistically significant. Donor egg recipients were found to have a significantly lower incidence of tubal disease compared with standard IVF patients; however, tubal disease was not found to be an independent risk factor for EP in our practice, perhaps owing to aggressive management of tubal disease
PMID: 19524897
ISSN: 1556-5653
CID: 100679