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Anesthetic Considerations in Facial Transplantation: Experience at NYU Langone Health and Systematic Review

Alfonso, Allyson R; Ramly, Elie P; Kantar, Rami S; Rifkin, William J; Diaz-Siso, J Rodrigo; Gelb, Bruce E; Yeh, Joseph S; Espina, Mark F; Jain, Sudheer K; Piper, Greta L; Rodriguez, Eduardo D
Anesthetic considerations are integral to the success of facial transplantation (FT), yet limited evidence exists to guide quality improvement. This study presents an institutional anesthesia protocol, defines reported anesthetic considerations, and provides a comprehensive update to inform future directions of the field.
PMID: 32983760
ISSN: 2169-7574
CID: 4616462