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Arrival blood pressure in hypertensive and non-hypertensive spontaneous intracerebral hemorrhage

Reznik, Michael E; Fakhri, Nasir; Moody, Scott; Murray, Kayleigh; Costa, Samantha; Yaghi, Shadi; Schrag, Matthew; Madsen, Tracy E; Burton, Tina M; Cutting, Shawna; Mahta, Ali; Wendell, Linda C; Thompson, Bradford B; Rao, Shyam S; Stretz, Christoph; Furie, Karen L; Mac Grory, Brian
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE/OBJECTIVE:Hypertension is a known risk factor for intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH), but it is unclear whether blood pressure (BP) at hospital arrival can be used to distinguish hypertensive ICH from non-hypertensive etiologies. PATIENTS AND METHODS/METHODS:We performed a single-center cohort study using data from consecutive ICH patients over 12 months. ICH characteristics including etiology were prospectively adjudicated by two attending neurologists. Using adjusted linear regression models, we compared first recorded systolic BPs (SBP) and mean arterial pressures (MAP) in patients with hypertensive vs. other ICH etiologies. We then used area under the ROC curve (AUC) analysis to determine the accuracy of admission BP in differentiating between hypertensive and non-hypertensive ICH. RESULTS:Of 311 patients in our cohort (mean age 70.6 ± 15.6, 50% male, 83% white), the most frequent ICH etiologies were hypertension (50%) and cerebral amyloid angiopathy (CAA; 22%). Mean SBP and MAP for patients with hypertensive ICH was 175.1 ± 32.9 mmHg and 120.4 ± 22.9 mmHg, respectively, compared to 156.4 ± 28.0 mmHg and 109.6 ± 20.3 mmHg in non-hypertensive ICH (p < .001). Adjusted models showed that hypertensive ICH patients had higher BPs than those with CAA (mean SBP difference 10.7 mmHg [95% CI 0.8-20.5]; mean MAP difference 8.1 mmHg [1.1-15.0]) and especially patients with other non-CAA causes (mean SBP difference 23.9 mmHg [15.3-32.4]; mean MAP difference 14.5 mmHg [8.5-20.6]). However, on a patient-level, arrival BP did not reliably discriminate between hypertensive and non-hypertensive etiologies (AUC 0.660 [0.599-0.720]). CONCLUSIONS:Arrival BP differs between hypertensive and non-hypertensive ICH but should not be used as a primary determinant of etiology, as hypertension may be implicated in various subtypes of ICH.
PMID: 32593888
ISSN: 1878-5883
CID: 4503712

Clinical Reasoning: Mechanical thrombectomy for acute ischemic stroke in the setting of atrial myxoma

Tadi, Prasanna; Feroze, Rafey; Reddy, Pranav; Sravanthi, Pemmasani; Fakhri, Nasir; McTaggart, Ryan; Yaghi, Shadi; Silver, Brian
PMID: 31611322
ISSN: 1526-632x
CID: 4145922