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Factors associated with completion of pre-kidney transplant evaluations

Siskind, Eric; Alex, Asha; Alexander, Mohini; Akerman, Meredith; Mathew, Christine; Fishbane, Lara; Thomas, Jisha; Israel, Ezra; Fana, Melissa; Evans, Cory; Godwin, Andrew; Agorastos, Stergiani; Mellace, Barbara; Rosado, Jesus; Rajendran, Prejith P; Krishnan, Prathik; Ramadas, Poornima; Flecha, Antonette; Kiernan, Lisa; Morgan, Ruth M; Ali, Nicole; Sachdeva, Mala; Calderon, Kellie; Hong, Susana; Kaur, Jasmeet; Basu, Amit; Nicastro, Jeffrey; Coppa, Gene; Bhaskaran, Madhu; Molmenti, Ernesto
This study sought to examine various factors that may prevent transplant candidates from completing their transplant workup prior to listing. We reviewed the records of 170 subjects (cases = 100, controls 70) who were either on dialysis or had less than 20 mL/min creatinine clearance and were therefore candidates for preemptive transplantation. Approximately, 56% of preemptive patients completed their workup, while only 36% of patients on dialysis completed their workup. Our data revealed that factors contributing toward completion of workup included intrinsic motivation (four times more likely), lack of specific medical comorbidities (three times more likely), and preemptive status (two times more likely). Among patients on dialysis, intrinsic motivation (five times more likely) and absence of cardiovascular complications (four times more likely) were associated with completion. When comparing patients on dialysis to patients not on dialysis, there were significant differences between the two groups in distance from home to the transplant center, level of education, and presence of medical comorbidities. We believe that targeted interventions such as timely referral, providing appropriate educational resources, and development of adequate support systems, have the potential to improve workup compliance of patients with advanced chronic kidney disease, including those on dialysis.
PMID: 24627614
ISSN: 1061-1711
CID: 2388742

Shortened length of stay improves financial outcomes in living donor kidney transplantation

Villa, Manuel; Siskind, Eric; Sameyah, Emil; Alex, Asha; Blum, Mark; Tyrell, Richard; Fana, Melissa; Mishler, Marni; Godwin, Andrew; Kuncewitch, Michael; Alexander, Mohini; Israel, Ezra; Bhaskaran, Madhu; Calderon, Kellie; Jhaveri, Kenar D; Sachdeva, Mala; Bellucci, Alessandro; Mattana, Joseph; Fishbane, Steven; Coppa, Gene; Molmenti, Ernesto
Kidney transplantation is the preferred clinical and most cost-effective option for end-stage renal disease. Significant advances have taken place in the care of the transplant patients with improvements in clinical outcomes. The optimization of the costs of transplantation has been a constant goal as well. We present herein the impact in financial outcomes of a shortened length of stay after kidney transplant.
PMID: 24436592
ISSN: 1061-1711
CID: 994712

Visualizing treatment options for breast reconstructive surgery

Qualter, John; Fana, Melissa; Deluccia, Nicolette; Colen, Kari; Scharf, Carrie; Hazen, Alexes
We propose that high-fidelity animations enhanced with real-time 3d interactivity, that demonstrate various breast reconstruction procedures will assist in a patient's decision-making process. These computer based modules will in no way replace a consultation with the physician; instead they will be added to the armamentarium of patient education
PMID: 19377163
ISSN: 0926-9630
CID: 100513