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Relation of community violence exposure to psychological distress in incarcerated male adolescents: Moderating role of caregiver-adult support and control

Ball, Joanna; Jurkovic, Gregory; Barber, Nekol; Koon, Ron; Armistead, Lisa; Fasulo, Samuel; Zucker, Marla
Research has established that both exposure to community violence and family functioning are predictive of various forms of psychological distress in adolescents. This study examined whether predictors in this area interact in such a way that the relation of community violence exposure to psychological distress in serious male juvenile offenders is moderated by caregiver-adult support and caregiver control. A heterogeneous sample of 116 male incarcerated adolescents (aged 12-18) was administered measures evaluating exposure to community violence, caregiver-adult support and control, and different forms of psychological distress. As expected, a significant caregiver-adult support by violence exposure interaction was found for alcohol/drug use and depression/anxiety. The implications of the findings for understanding and treating serious male juvenile offenders are discussed.
ISSN: 1545-083x
CID: 179962

Adolescent runaway behavior in specialized foster care

Fasulo, Samuel J; Cross, Theodore P; Mosley, Peggy; Leavey, Joseph
This study examined the characteristics and predictors of running away for a sample of 147 adolescents (10-18 yrs old) in specialized foster care in a managed child welfare agency. Specialized foster care (SFC) provides a more intensive intervention than regular foster care, but adolescents in SFC may be at high risk of running away because of more troubled histories and previous failures in foster care. Forty-four percent of adolescents ran away at least once during SFC and 22% ran permanently. In multivariate logistic regression analyses, being female and having fewer psychotherapy sessions were associated with running away. These findings can guide program improvements designed to prevent future running away.
ISSN: 0190-7409
CID: 179963