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58-year-old Male with a Headache, Hand Numbness, and Phantosmia

Felipe, Naillid; Alblaihed, Leen; Dezman, Zachary D W; Bontempo, Laura J
INTRODUCTION/BACKGROUND:A 58-year-old male presents to the emergency department with headache, hand numbness, and phantosmia. CASE PRESENTATION/METHODS:Magnetic resonance imaging showed multiple acute and early subacute lesions involving the cortex and subcortical white matter of the left frontal lobe, left parietal lobe, left temporal lobe, left caudate, and left putamen. DISCUSSION/CONCLUSIONS:This case takes the reader through the subtle findings that led to the diagnosis and ultimately to treatment.
PMID: 35701351
ISSN: 2474-252x
CID: 5269742

'Diagnosis of Boerhaave's Syndrome With Aid of Bedside Ultrasound [Case Report]

Felipe, Naillid; King, Samantha A; Salerno, Alexis
BACKGROUND:Boerhaave's syndrome is characterized by transmural rupture of the distal esophagus in the setting of increased intraluminal pressures combined with negative intrathoracic pressure. It is a rare condition with high mortality (20-50% mortality rate). CASE REPORT:This is a case of a 47-year-old man who appeared acutely ill, presenting with shortness of breath, chest and abdominal pain, and diagnosed with Boerhaave's syndrome with the assistance of bedside ultrasound. WHY SHOULD AN EMERGENCY PHYSICIANS BE AWARE OF THIS?: Emergency physicians must have a heightened suspicion of this diagnosis in patients presenting with chest and abdominal pain and can use bedside ultrasound skills to aid with diagnosis.
PMID: 34193358
ISSN: 0736-4679
CID: 5173632

Vaccination Disparity: Quantifying Racial Inequity in COVID-19 Vaccine Administration in Maryland

Cardona, Stephanie; Felipe, Naillid; Fischer, Kyle; Sehgal, Neil Jay; Schwartz, Brad E
PMID: 34142349
ISSN: 1468-2869
CID: 5173622

Clinical Presentation, Diagnosis, and Radiological Findings of Neoplastic Meningitis

Rigakos, Georgios; Liakou, Chrysoula I; Felipe, Naillid; Orkoulas-Razis, Dennis; Razis, Evangelia
BACKGROUND:Neoplastic meningitis is a complication of solid and hematological malignancies. It consists of the spread of malignant cells to the leptomeninges and subarachnoid space and their dissemination within the cerebrospinal fluid. METHODS:A literature review was conducted to summarize the clinical presentation, differential diagnosis, laboratory values, and imaging findings of neoplastic meningitis. RESULTS:Neoplastic meningitis is an event in the course of cancer with a variable clinical presentation and a wide differential diagnosis. In general, characteristic findings on gadolinium-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging and the presence of malignant cells in the cerebrospinal fluid remain the cornerstones of diagnosis. However, both modalities do not always confirm the diagnosis of neoplastic meningitis despite a typical clinical picture. CONCLUSIONS:Clinicians treating patients with cancer should be aware of the possibility of neoplastic meningitis, especially when multilevel neurological symptoms are present. Neoplastic meningitis can be an elusive diagnosis, so clinician awareness is important so that this malignant manifestation is recognized in a timely manner.
PMID: 28178708
ISSN: 1526-2359
CID: 5173612