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Weight loss/maintenance as an effective tool for controlling type 2 diabetes: novel methodology to sustain weight reduction

Gage, Dennis
The type 2 diabetes epidemic closely parallels the obesity epidemic. Although weight loss is frequently initiated successfully, most patients regain substantial amounts of weight within the first year after completing a weight loss programme. Several studies have shown success over time with weight loss and type 2 diabetes prevention and/or remission. These include the Diabetes Prevention Program and the Look AHEAD study. Novel approaches to weight management have recently found their way onto the internet. With advances in medicine, there has been more patient success in the weight maintenance field. We review the Weight Management System that permits daily counselling to patients who have been losing or maintaining weight. The Weight Management System is a method that combines four fundamental elements: (1) remote daily weight monitoring by the system and the health professional; (2) daily feedback from the system and, when necessary, the health professional; (3) customized information for the needs and desires of the particular patient; and (4) a proprietary algorithm to detect early signs of weight regain. Recent beta testing of this system has confirmed Dr Rena Wing's statistics and has opened up a novel approach to long-term weight management and diabetes prevention.
PMID: 22215481
ISSN: 1520-7552
CID: 833892