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Chronic appendicitis: uncommon cause of chronic abdominal pain

Kothadia, Jiten P; Katz, Seymour; Ginzburg, Lev
PMID: 25949528
ISSN: 1756-283x
CID: 1565742

Retained capsule extraction 6years after wireless bowel capsule endoscopy: The importance of follow up [Letter]

Lipka, Seth; Vacchio, Anthony; Katz, Seymour; Ginzburg, Lev
PMID: 23332558
ISSN: 1873-9946
CID: 394772

Massive pyoderma gangrenosum in a 77 year old female with Crohn's disease responsive to adalimumab [Letter]

Lipka, Seth; Katz, Seymour; Ginzburg, Lev
PMID: 22926276
ISSN: 1873-9946
CID: 988622

Esophageal ulceration: a complication of radiofrequency ablation treatment of atrial fibrillation [Case Report]

Ginzburg, Lev
PMID: 19560767
ISSN: 0016-5107
CID: 988632

Complications of endoscopy

Ginzburg, Lev; Greenwald, David; Cohen, Jonathan
This article focuses on potential complications of standard upper and lower endoscopic procedures. Adverse events associated with endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography, EUS, and certain advanced therapeutic techniques such as mucosal resection are not covered. Rather, the article focuses on the recognition of preprocedure risk factors for various complications and the diagnosis and management for procedure-related adverse events.
PMID: 17556155
ISSN: 1052-5157
CID: 642232