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Prevention and management of addiction

Chapter by: Guschwan, Marianne T
in: Spinal disorders and treatments : the NYU-HJD comprehensive textbook by Errico, Thomas J; Cheriyan, Thomas; Varlotta, Gerard P [Eds]
New Delhi : Jaypee Brothers, 2015
pp. 151-154
ISBN: 9351524957
CID: 2709172

Engaging in self-help groups

Chapter by: Guschwan, Marianne T
in: Handbook of motivation and change: A practical guide for clinicians by Levounis, Petros; Arnaout, Bachaar [Eds]
Arlington, VA, US: American Psychiatric Publishing, Inc.; US, 2010
pp. 7105-7110
ISBN: 978-1-58562-370-9
CID: 5340

Substance use disorders

Chapter by: Guschwan, Marianne T
in: Psychiatry clerkship guide by Manley, Myrl RS [Eds]
Philadelphia PA : Mosby/Elsevier, 2007
pp. 249-265
ISBN: 1416031324
CID: 5760

Orientation toward spirituality and self-help approaches in the therapeutic community

Dermatis, Helen; Guschwan, Marianne T; Galanter, Marc; Bunt, Gregory
Although Alcoholics Anonymous and other Twelve-Step interventions are among the most widely utilized self-help options by persons with chemical dependency, little is known concerning whether this approach should be integrated with non-spirituality based self-help approaches. The purpose of this study was to assess the extent to which clients receiving inpatient treatment in a residential therapeutic community (TC) felt that spirituality based interventions should be featured in TC treatment. Three hundred twenty-two members of the Daytop TC completed a survey assessing personal orientation to spirituality and attitudes towards spirituality based treatments. The majority of clients believed that the TC program should feature spirituality more in treatment. Nearly half agreed that the Twelve-Step (AA) approach should be more a part of TC treatment. Preference for Twelve-Step meeting interventions was positively correlated with past attendance at Twelve-Step meetings. Personal spiritual orientation to life was positively correlated with endorsement of spirituality based interventions in TC treatment. These findings highlight the importance of integrating treatment approaches which address the spiritual needs of TC residents
PMID: 15077839
ISSN: 1055-0887
CID: 46049

Substance use disorders

Chapter by: Guschwan, Marianne T
in: Psychiatry clerkship guide by Manley, Myrl RS [Eds]
St.Louis MO : Mosby, 2003
pp. 221-235
ISBN: 0323016405
CID: 5617