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Social media in screening and monitoring for early intervention in psychosis

Feldman, Jacob; Hamlyn, Alexandra; Rice, Timothy
PMID: 34607256
ISSN: 1573-2509
CID: 5152772

TANS Syndrome: Tanorexia, Anorexia, and Nonmelanoma Skin Cancer

Abdali, Selli; Hamlyn, Alexandra; Pyle, Tia M; Green, Justin J
PMID: 35100540
ISSN: 2326-6929
CID: 5152782

Ciprofloxacin and Clozapine Interaction in a Patient Requiring Intensive Care [Case Report]

Wang, Betty (Chang); Hamlyn, Alexandra
ISSN: 1535-7228
CID: 5152802

Drug-related Mortality in Camden: Demographics and Substance Misuse Trends During the 2013 to 2015 Period

Healey, Jessica; Hamlyn, Alexandra; Pellicane, John; Sedky, Karim; Pumariega, Andres J.
ISSN: 1531-5754
CID: 4968932

Manifestations of Pregabalin Withdrawal [Case Report]

Hamlyn, Alexandra; Foo, Kalvin; Bhatia, Anum; Bobrin, Bradford
ISSN: 2378-5756
CID: 5152792