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Congenital Measles in a Premature 25-week Gestation Infant

Hanft, Erin; Brachio, Sandhya; Messina, Maria; Zachariah, Philip; Sutton, Desmond; Goffman, Dena; Pike, Janett; Covington, Lesley; Graham, Krishika A; Crouch, Bindy; Adams, Eleanor; Ahmad, Nina; Rausch-Phung, Elizabeth; Southwick, Karen; Bryant, Patrick; Fuschino, Meghan; Khandekar, Anagha; Kulas, Karen; Saiman, Lisa
We describe a premature infant with congenital measles. Laboratory testing confirmed measles in the mother (polymerase chain reaction- and IgM-positive) and congenital measles in the infant (polymerase chain reaction-positive, culture-positive and IgM-positive). The infant never developed a rash, pneumonia, or neurologic complications. This case supports using compatible laboratory findings to diagnose congenital measles in infants without clinical manifestations of measles.
PMID: 34250975
ISSN: 1532-0987
CID: 4965252