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Melting the Plastic Ceiling: Where We Currently Stand on Measures to Support Women in Academic Plastic Surgery

Robinson, Isabel S; Silva, Amanda K; Abdou, Salma A; Daar, David A; Hazen, Alexes; Thanik, Vishal
BACKGROUND:Previous studies have provided recommendations for increasing female leadership in academic plastic surgery. This study quantifies the extent to which these recommendations have been met in plastic surgery residency programs and identifies remaining institutional barriers to the advancement of women in academic plastic surgery. METHODS:An electronic survey was designed to quantify select recommendations for promoting female leadership in academic plastic surgery. The survey was distributed to either a female faculty member or a male program director at each academic plastic surgery program. An optional phone interview discussing current barriers to women's advancement followed the survey. RESULTS:Forty-nine of 92 survey recipients participated (52.7 percent response rate). Women constituted 25 percent of faculty, 22 percent of program directors, and 20 percent of program leaders of participating programs. Programs on average provided three of 11 resources. Programs with female leaders provided 6.20 resources versus 2.28 resources at departments with male chairs (p = 0.015). Programs with female program directors provided 5.50 resources versus 2.18 resources at programs with male program directors (p = 0.008). Of the 49 survey respondents, nine completed the interview (18.4 percent completion rate). The most frequently identified barriers to aspiring women leaders were opaque promotion criteria (cited by 77.8 percent of interviewees), motherhood bias (77.8 percent), and unequal recruitment practices (55.6 percent). CONCLUSIONS:The presence of a female chair or program director is associated with a greater quantity of resources for promoting female leaders. Remaining barriers to women seeking academic leadership positions include compensation and promotion disparities, motherhood bias, and unequal recruitment practices.
PMID: 32842119
ISSN: 1529-4242
CID: 4575492

Limited Coverage of Gender-Affirming Breast and Chest Reconstruction in Insurance CPT Coding Criteria

Blasdel, Gaines; Nolan, Ian T; Harris, Alexander B; Young, Ezra I; Hazen, Alexes
PMID: 32740624
ISSN: 1529-4242
CID: 4553582

Barriers to Bottom Surgery for Transgender Men

Nolan, Ian T; Daar, David A; Poudrier, Grace; Motosko, Catherine C; Cook, Tiffany E; Hazen, Alexes
PMID: 32097358
ISSN: 1529-4242
CID: 4323342

Continued Barriers to Top Surgery among Transgender Men

Nolan, Ian T; Poudrier, Grace; Motosko, Catherine C; Cook, Tiffany E; Saia, Whitney; Gothard, M David; Hazen, Alexes
PMID: 31985692
ISSN: 1529-4242
CID: 4298852

A Novel Periareolar Approach to Chest Wall Reconstruction Using a Nipple-Areola Complex Transposition Flap

Frey, Jordan D; Motosko, Catherine C; Moore, Kevin; Poudrier, Grace; Hazen, Alexes
PMID: 31461071
ISSN: 1529-4242
CID: 4054462

The Impact of Testosterone on the Chests and Abdomens of Transgender Men

Motosko, Catherine C; Zakhem, George A; Pomeranz, Miriam Keltz; Pomerantz, Rhonda; Saadeh, Pierre B; Gothard, M David; Hazen, Alexes
PMID: 30685270
ISSN: 1097-6787
CID: 3626242

A Call to Action for Male Surgeons in the Wake of the #MeToo Movement: Mentor Female Surgeons

Daar, David A; Abdou, Salma A; Wilson, Stelios C; Hazen, Alexes; Saadeh, Pierre B
PMID: 30998536
ISSN: 1528-1140
CID: 3810612

Intergender Tonal Variations of the Nipple-Areola Complex

Motosko, Catherine C; Zakhem, George A; Saadeh, Pierre B; Pomeranz, Miriam Keltz; Hazen, Alexes
PMID: 31246856
ISSN: 1529-4242
CID: 3954412

Reply - Creation of Nipple Areola Complex in Trans men Top Surgery: Discussion on "Modified Nipple Flap with Free Areolar Graft for Component Nipple-Areola Complex Construction: Outcomes with A Novel Technique for Chest Wall Reconstruction in Transgender Men" by Dr. Giulia Lo Russo

Frey, Jordan D; Motosko, Catherine C; Poudrier, Grace; Saia, Whitney V; Wilson, Stelios C; Yu, Jessie Z; Hazen, Alexes
PMID: 30907796
ISSN: 1529-4242
CID: 3776662

Three-Dimensional Analysis of Donor Masks for Facial Transplantation

Cammarata, Michael J; Wake, Nicole; Kantar, Rami S; Maroutsis, Margy; Rifkin, William J; Hazen, Alexes; Brecht, Lawrence E; Bernstein, G Leslie; Diaz-Siso, J Rodrigo; Rodriguez, Eduardo D
PMID: 30907812
ISSN: 1529-4242
CID: 3776672