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Role of Imatinib in achieving euglycemic state in patient with GIST

Sharma, Pankaj; Goel, Neeraj; Hemal, Upma
Gastrointestinal stromal tumor (GIST) are rare tumors arising from Interstitial Cells of Cajal and require immunohistochemical marker c-kit (CD 117) for diagnosis. Imatinib Mesylate is an orally administered drug which competitively inhibits tyrosine kinase associated with the KIT protein. We present a rare case report highlighting role of Imatinib Mesylate in achieving euglycemic state in patient with GIST. Imatinib Mesylate is an effective form of treatment for patients with KIT (CD 117) positive unresectable and/ or metastatic malignant GIST. Proper patient selection and adequate treatment may help in achieving euglycemic state in patient with GIST.
ISSN: 0972-1177
CID: 5456582

A Simple QI Project to Improve Practice Quality in Neuroradiological CT Angiography

Gasser, Tyler G; Chen, Michael; Hemal, Upma; Ellis, Saundra; Johnson, Annette J
OBJECTIVE:The purpose of this study was continuous quality improvement (CQI) of head and neck CT angiography (CTA) in the neuroradiology practice of a tertiary care medical center. MATERIALS AND METHODS/METHODS:We conducted baseline quality audits of 50 consecutive head or neck CTAs, including referrals for a variety of indications from emergency department, ambulatory, and inpatient settings. Neuroradiologists as a group used Likert-type questionnaire items to assess scan quality. Based on identified opportunities for CQI, the group evaluated alternative scanning methods, proposed action items, and implemented changes in scanning methods. After implementing the changes, the group performed follow-up quality audits of 61 consecutive CTAs. Quality of scans was compared for baseline and postimplementation patients using chi-square or McNemar tests. RESULTS:Several key opportunities for CQI were identified, namely related to coverage levels and timing. These opportunities were translated into protocol changes, standardization of methods, and in-service sessions to implement specific process changes. Using a Likert-type scale with 1 anchored at "excellent" and 5 at "poor," the overall quality of CTAs improved from 2.46 at baseline to 1.64 after implementation of QI measures (P < .01). There were significant improvements in timing and coverage, and fewer scans required quality disclaimers after CQI implementation. CONCLUSION/CONCLUSIONS:Using basic CQI techniques of assessment, analysis, change implementation, and reassessment, the quality of CTA scans in a busy neuroradiology clinical practice can be improved. These techniques are amenable to repeated use, so that CQI can be a routine practice to help optimize the quality of care in radiology.
PMID: 31052025
ISSN: 1876-7982
CID: 5354522

High Resolution Sonographic Evaluation Of Painful Shoulder

Goyal, Pradeep; Hemal, Upma; Kumar, Ramesh
ISSN: 1528-8404
CID: 5456592

Radiological quiz - Musculoskeletal

Sharma, P.; Hemal, U.
ISSN: 0971-3026
CID: 5456562

Prenatal diagnosis of iniencephaly on ultrasound

Hemal, Upma; Solanki, R. S.; Varsheney, A.; Baliga, S.
ISSN: 0971-3026
CID: 5456492

Conjoined twins - A case report

Sethi, S. K.; Solanki, R. S.; Hemal, U.
ISSN: 0971-3026
CID: 5456502

Radiological quiz - Abdominal imaging

Hemal, Upma; Anand, R.; Narula, M. K.; Siddiqui, A. Z.
ISSN: 0971-3026
CID: 5456512

Chorioangioma of placenta - A case report

Sethi, S. K.; Hemal, U.; Solanki, R. S.; Bhagra, A.
ISSN: 0971-3026
CID: 5456522

Unusual retrovesical location of hydatid cyst [2]

Sethi, S. K.; Solanki, R. S.; Hemal, U.; Krishan, S.
ISSN: 0971-3026
CID: 5456532

Radiological quiz - Orbit

Sethi, S. K.; Hemal, U.; Solanki, R. S.; Bhagra, A.
ISSN: 0971-3026
CID: 5456542