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Words matter: exploring communication between parents and neonatologists

Winters, Roger; Hennigan, Claire M; Tucker, Richard; Clark, Melissa A; Hawes, Katheleen; Lechner, Beatrice E
OBJECTIVE:To evaluate how neonatologists and NICU parents perceive communication in the NICU. STUDY DESIGN/METHODS:A mixed-methods approach using an online survey and three focus groups with NICU parents and neonatologists, utilizing videos of simulated conversations between a neonatologist and mother. RESULTS:A total of 72 participants responded to the online survey. Parents ranked the invasiveness of common NICU clinical procedures differently than the neonatologist standard but assessed the quality of the simulated conversation similarly. A total of 13 parents and 6 physicians participated in the focus groups. Major themes from both neonatologist and parent focus groups were the impact of making a connection with the parents, the importance of making decisions yet not making assumptions based on the divergent use of language by neonatologists and parents, and providing hope. CONCLUSIONS:Parents and neonatologists differ in their perception of key aspects of NICU language use and communication but also agree on many aspects.
PMID: 35031688
ISSN: 1476-5543
CID: 5193662

Clinical Manifestations and Outcomes of Critically Ill Children and Adolescents with Coronavirus Disease 2019 in New York City

Derespina, Kim R; Kaushik, Shubhi; Plichta, Anna; Conway, Edward E; Bercow, Asher; Choi, Jaeun; Eisenberg, Ruth; Gillen, Jennifer; Sen, Anita I; Hennigan, Claire M; Zerihun, Lillian M; Doymaz, Sule; Keenaghan, Michael A; Jarrin, Stephanie; Oulds, Franscene; Gupta, Manoj; Pierre, Louisdon; Grageda, Melissa; Ushay, H Michael; Nadkarni, Vinay M; Agus, Michael S D; Medar, Shivanand S
OBJECTIVES/OBJECTIVE:To describe the clinical manifestations and outcomes of critically ill children with coronavirus disease-19 (COVID-19) in New York City. STUDY DESIGN/METHODS:Retrospective observational study of children 1 month to 21 years admitted March 14 to May 2, 2020, to 9 New York City pediatric intensive care units (PICUs) with severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 infection. RESULTS:Of 70 children admitted to PICUs, median age was 15 (IQR 9, 19) years; 61.4% male; 38.6% Hispanic; 32.9% black; and 74.3% with comorbidities. Fever (72.9%) and cough (71.4%) were the common presenting symptoms. Twelve patients (17%) met severe sepsis criteria; 14 (20%) required vasopressor support; 21 (30%) developed acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS); 9 (12.9%) met acute kidney injury criteria; 1 (1.4%) required renal-replacement therapy, and 2 (2.8%) had cardiac arrest. For treatment, 27 (38.6%) patients received hydroxychloroquine; 13 (18.6%) remdesivir; 23 (32.9%) corticosteroids; 3 (4.3%) tocilizumab; and 1 (1.4%) anakinra; no patient was given immunoglobulin or convalescent plasma. Forty-nine (70%) patients required respiratory support: 14 (20.0%) noninvasive mechanical ventilation, 20 (28.6%) invasive mechanical ventilation (IMV), 7 (10%) prone position, 2 (2.8%) inhaled nitric oxide, and 1 (1.4%) extracorporeal membrane oxygenation. Nine (45%) of the 20 patients requiring IMV were extubated by day 14 with median IMV duration of 218 (IQR 79, 310.4) hours. Presence of ARDS was significantly associated with duration of PICU and hospital stay, and lower probability of PICU and hospital discharge at hospital day 14 (P < .05 for all). CONCLUSIONS:Critically ill children with COVID-19 predominantly are adolescents, have comorbidities, and require some form of respiratory support. The presence of ARDS is significantly associated with prolonged PICU and hospital stay.
PMID: 32681989
ISSN: 1097-6833
CID: 5193642

Encephalopathy and bilateral thalamic lesions in a child with MIS-C associated with COVID-19 [Case Report]

Abel, Dori; Shen, Min Ye; Abid, Zaynah; Hennigan, Claire; Boneparth, Alexis; Miller, Emily Happy; Uhlemann, Anne-Catrin; McBrian, Danielle K; Thakur, Kiran; Silver, Wendy; Bain, Jennifer M
PMID: 32847953
ISSN: 1526-632x
CID: 5193652