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Sweet's Syndrome

Herbert-Cohen, Daniel; Jour, George; Saul, Turandot
PMID: 26026574
ISSN: 0736-4679
CID: 1865902

Bedside Ultrasound Diagnosis of an Aortocaval Fistula in the Emergency Department

Egan, Daniel J; Saul, Turandot; Herbert-Cohen, Daniel; Lewiss, Resa E
PMID: 24746908
ISSN: 0736-4679
CID: 1035902

Man with facial pain. Ludwig's angina [Case Report]

Herbert-Cohen, Daniel; Yeh, Jesson S T; Hernandez, Jessica; Lewiss, Resa E; Saul, Turandot
PMID: 23433016
ISSN: 1097-6760
CID: 1865912