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Thyrotoxicosis Mimicking ST Elevation Myocardial Infarction [Case Report]

Rymer De Marchena, Ingrid; Gutman, Anna; Zaidan, Julie; Yacoub, Harout; Hoyek, Wissam
Hyperthyroidism is well known to be associated with cardiac disease. Delay in making the diagnosis and occurrence of complications are common and are associated with a worse outcome. A 54-year-old male, non-smoker, with no past medical history and no significant family history presented to our hospital with severe left sided chest pain, "crushing" in nature. Electrocardiogram showed ST-segment elevations in the inferior leads. Troponin I level was 0.32 ng/mL (normal range 0-0.05 ng/mL) on presentation. The patient underwent an emergent coronary angiography which showed no evidence of occlusive coronary artery disease. The patient's symptoms and signs prompted a high suspicion of thyrotoxicosis which was subsequently confirmed by a low thyroid stimulating hormone and high free thyroxine levels. The patient was given Methimazole and atenolol and his symptoms resolved. Awareness of coronary vasospasm due to thyrotoxicosis should be raised in patients presenting with typical angina pectoris with subsequent normal coronary angiographic results. History and physical examination may suggest underlying hyperthyroidism, but the absence of typical findings does not rule out the diagnosis.
PMID: 28690956
ISSN: 2168-8184
CID: 5326872

A giant left atrial myxoma

Zaher, Medhat F; Bajaj, Sharad; Habib, Mirette; Doss, Emile; Habib, Michael; Bikkina, Mahesh; Shamoon, Fayez; Hoyek, Wissam N
Atrial myxomas are the most common primary cardiac tumors. Patients with left atrial myxomas generally present with mechanical obstruction of blood flow, systemic embolization, and constitutional symptoms. We present a case of an unusually large left atrial myxoma discovered incidentally in a patient with longstanding dyspnea being managed as bronchial asthma.
PMID: 25587285
ISSN: 1687-9627
CID: 1703392

A rare case of double-chambered right ventricle associated with ventricular septal defect and congenital absence of the pulmonary valve

Khoueiry, Georges; Bhat, Tariq; Tantray, Mohmad; Meghani, Mustafain; Abi Rafeh, Nidal; Abdallah, Mokhtar; Hoyek, Wissam
Double-chambered right ventricle (DCRV) is a rare congenital heart disorder involving 2 different right ventricle (RV) pressure compartments that is often associated with ventricular septal defect (VSD). Usually, the obstruction is caused by an anomalous muscle bundle crossing the RV from the interventricular septum to the RV free wall. We are reporting a case of double-chambered right ventricle associated with ventricular septal defect and congenital absence of the pulmonary valve, a rare form of congenital infundibular pulmonary stenosis. In addition to ventricular septal defect, our patient had congenital absence of the pulmonary valve, which is very unusual and has never been reported to our knowledge.
PMID: 24683307
ISSN: 1179-5484
CID: 1703402