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JDD: celebrating 10 years of publishing excellence [Editorial]

Hsiung, Sherry
PMID: 23285710
ISSN: 1545-9616
CID: 1253342

Issues affecting specialty career paths in dermatology

Leonard, Aimee L; Hanke, C William; Bechtel, Mark A; Brownell, Isaac; Buckel, Larry J; Hurwitz, Robert M; Hsiung, Sherry H; Paller, Amy S; Turchan, Kirsten
As the field of medicine changes, physicians deal with ever-increasing challenges and pressures. An overview of broad career paths within the specialty of dermatology is presented and important issues affecting these subspecialty tracks are discussed. These issues include increasing regulatory controls, the medical liability crisis, competitive forces, corporate and global outsourcing threats, managed care, and reimbursement.
PMID: 18189057
ISSN: 1545-9616
CID: 1253352

Use of antibiotics in dermatologic surgery

Robins, Perry; Hsiung, Sherry
When skin integrity is disrupted during a surgical procedure, its protective barrier becomes compromised and predisposes the individual to cutaneous infection. Postoperative infection remains a considerable cause of morbidity and mortality. This article briefly reviews the etiology and management of postoperative infections following dermatologic surgery
PMID: 16989193
ISSN: 1545-9616
CID: 94467

Evaluation of a flexible new liquid polymer wound dressing [Case Report]

Hsiung, Sherry H; Robins, Perry
Occlusive dressings are the foundation of wound care and have been shown to speed epithelialization and healing of surgical sites. Many different dressings have been introduced over the years including antibacterial ointments with gauze and adhesive, hydrocolloid bandages, and liquid adhesives. All of these have their limitations and advantages. We introduce our experience with a new organic polymer in solvent which when applied to a wound forms a flexible occlusive bandage. The material has been shown to have antimicrobial properties and be well-tolerated by patients
PMID: 16167416
ISSN: 1545-9616
CID: 58735

Therapeutic decision making in the therapy of actinic keratoses

Spencer, James M; Hazan, Carole; Hsiung, Sherry H; Robins, Perry
Actinic keratoses (AKs) represent the second most common reason to visit a dermatologist in the United States and their therapy has become a major portion of most dermatologists' practice. An ever-increasing array of therapeutic options exist for the therapy of actinic keratoses, offering physicians and patients a greater number of choices than ever before. Patient expectations and needs seem to be changing at the same time, thus effecting therapeutic decision-making. While destructive therapies with resultant wounds, time for wound healing, and possible hypopigmentation or scarring were acceptable in the past, many patients from the baby-boom generation are now developing AKs and have little tolerance for any time for wound healing or any cosmetic changes. This paper will raise some fundamental questions regarding AKs and their management
PMID: 15898284
ISSN: 1545-9616
CID: 94468

Rubinstein-Taybi syndrome (broad thumb-hallux syndrome) [Case Report]

Hsiung, Sherry H
Rubinstein-Taybi syndrome is a rare genodermatosis with characteristic features that include downward sloping palphebral fissures, broad thumbs and halluces, and mental retardation. Dermatologic manifestations include capillary malformations, keloid formation, and pilomatricomas. Systemic features may involve the cardiac, audiologic, ophthalmologic, endocrine, neurologic, and respiratory systems. The syndrome is sporadic in nature and has been linked to microdeletion at 16p13.3 encoding CREB-binding protein gene (CREBBP).
PMID: 15748572
ISSN: 1087-2108
CID: 1253362

Granuloma faciale [Case Report]

Hsiung, Sherry H
Granuloma faciale is characterized by indurated, red-brown papules and plaques that usually occur on the face. We present a 52-year-old man with typical clinical and histologic features of this condition. A review of treatment options is presented.
PMID: 14594612
ISSN: 1087-2108
CID: 1253372

Eruptive syringoma [Case Report]

Hsiung, Sherry H
Eruptive syringoma is a rare eruption of small, flesh-colored papules that occurs in successive crops on the anterior body surfaces and arises in the peripubertal period. The lesions are benign, and treatment options are generally unsatisfactory. The case of a 27-year-old man with a 1-year history of eruptive syringoma is presented.
PMID: 14594587
ISSN: 1087-2108
CID: 1253382

Multicentric reticulohistiocytosis presenting with clinical features of dermatomyositis [Case Report]

Hsiung, Sherry H; Chan, Edward F; Elenitsas, Rosalie; Kolasinski, Sharon L; Schumacher, H Ralph; Werth, Victoria P
Multicentric reticulohistiocytosis (MRH) is a rare disorder with proliferating histiocytes that develop into multinucleated giant cells with "ground-glass" cytoplasm. The disease presents with a rapidly destructive, sometimes permanently debilitating, polyarthritis and a papulonodular eruption, generally of the face and hands. We present 3 cases of MRH in which the initial clinical diagnosis was thought to be dermatomyositis (DM). The cutaneous findings in these cases included an erythematous, predominantly photodistributed macular and papular eruption clinically consistent with DM. However, skin biopsy specimens revealed the diagnosis of MRH. This previously unreported clinical similarity between MRH and DM is significant because the treatment options and future complications vary greatly between the 2 diseases. Thus, it is important to consider the possibility of multicentric reticulohistiocytosis when evaluating a patient with the clinical diagnosis of dermatomyositis.
PMID: 12582374
ISSN: 0190-9622
CID: 176799