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Developmental aspects of hopelessness

Siomopoulos G; Inamdar SC
Developmental aspects of hopelessness were studied within a holistic-organismic framework. It is suggested that for an individual to become hopeless, cognitive-affective development and the development of the concept of time have to reach a certain level. The developmental readiness to experience hopelessness is considered necessary for an adolescent to present a clinical picture of depression similar to that of the adult
PMID: 443099
ISSN: 0001-8449
CID: 19887

Clinical trials of norcamphane hydrochloride in fatigue states. II. A double blind comparison with d-amphetamine sulfate

Shah LP; Sethy VH; Inamdar SC; Vaidya AB; Sheth UK
PMID: 4874895
ISSN: 0019-5359
CID: 19888