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Utilization of Family as Faculty: A Patient Directed Simulation Education to Improve Patient and Family Communication during Patient-Family Centered Rounds (PFCR)

Asuncion, Arsenia M.; Quintos-Alagheband, Maria Lyn; Leavens-Maurer, Jill; Akerman, Meredith; Janicke, Patricia; Cavanaugh, Sean
ISSN: 2472-0054
CID: 5244582

An Innovative Clinical Skills "Boot Camp" for Dental Medicine Residents

Castillo, Jenny; Kutzin, Jared; Agoglia, Kathleen; Janicke, Patricia; Milligan, Zachary; Scott, Jack
During a 1-year hospital-based residency, dental residents are required to rotate through many departments including surgery, medicine, and emergency medicine. It became apparent that there was a gap between clinical skills knowledge taught in dental school curriculum and skills required for hospital-based patient care. In response, a simulation-based intensive clinical skill "boot camp" was created. The boot camp provided an intensive, interactive 3-day session for the dental residents. During the 3 days, residents were introduced to medical knowledge and skills that were necessary for their inpatient hospital rotations but were lacking in traditional dental school curriculum. Effectiveness of the boot camp was assessed in terms of knowledge base and comfort through presession and postsession surveys. According to resident feedback, this intensive introduction for the dental residents improved their readiness for their inpatient hospital-based residency.
PMID: 29349335
ISSN: 2382-1205
CID: 3486492

Incorporating Rapid Cycle Deliberate Practice Into Nursing Staff Continuing Professional Development

Kutzin, Jared M; Janicke, Patricia
Rapid Cycle Deliberate Practice (RCDP) is an innovative concept used to teach a sequence of predetermined skills to learners in a short period of time. When implemented correctly, learners build on their actions (deliberate practice) repeatedly, over a short period of time (rapid cycle). Incorporating RCDP into a nursing mandatory education program has improved both the satisfaction of the staff attending a mandatory education day and improved their response to patients in cardiac arrest.
PMID: 26154670
ISSN: 0022-0124
CID: 5029802