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Holding a mirror up to nature : shame, guilt, and violence in Shakespeare

Gilligan, James; Richards, David AJ
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2022
ISBN: 9781108980609
CID: 5176652

Punishment, shaming and violence

Chapter by: Gilligan, James
in: Routledge handbook of the philosophy and science of punishment by Focquaert, Farah; Shaw, Elizabeth; Waller, Bruce N (Eds)
New York, NY ; Abingdon, Oxon : Routledge, 2021
pp. -
ISBN: 9781138580626
CID: 5176542

Government political structure and violent death rates: A longitudinal analysis of forty-three countries, 1960-2008

Marotta, Phillip; Lee, Bandy X; Blay-Tofey, Morkeh; Kim, Clara H; Schuder, Kelsey K; Lee, Grace; Gilligan, James
Objectives/UNASSIGNED:Currently, little is known regarding the effect of regime type on mortality on a global level. The purpose of this study is to examine the effect of regime type on the rates of violent deaths (homicide, suicide, and combined rates). Methods/UNASSIGNED:Three measures of democracy were used to quantify regime type, the independent variable. Homicide and suicide rates were obtained from the World Health Organization. Multivariate conditional fixed-effects models were run to examine associations between regime characteristics and logged rates of homicide, suicide, and violent deaths. Models were adjusted for unemployment and economic inequality. Results/UNASSIGNED:Nations that scored higher on democracy indices, especially emerging democracies, experienced increased mortality due to violence. Homicide and suicide were divergent, showing a different time course and decreasing statistical power as a combined variable. Unemployment and inequality were associated with higher violence-related mortality. Conclusions/UNASSIGNED:Homicide and suicide appear to be more prevalent in democracies. Future analyses should examine which aspects of democracies lead to higher rates of violent death and should seek to use independently collected mortality data.
PMID: 34108842
ISSN: 1359-1789
CID: 5173732

Government political structure and gender differences in violent death: A longitudinal analysis of forty-three countries, 1960-2008

Blay-Tofey, Morkeh; Lee, Bandy X.; Marotta, Phillip; Schuder, Kelsey K.; Gilligan, James
ISSN: 1359-1789
CID: 5173852

Why we should universalize the insanity defense and replace punishment with therapy and education

Gilligan, James
ISSN: 1359-1789
CID: 5173862

Violence, Morality and Religion

Gilligan, James; Vrettos, James
ISSN: 0887-9982
CID: 5176272

Preliminary evaluation of treatment outcomes at a military intensive outpatient program

Hoyt, Tim; Barry, David; Kwon, So Heui; Capron, Claire; De Guzman, Noriko; Gilligan, James; Edwards-Stewart, Amanda
Recent U.S. Army policy has established intensive outpatient programs at several installations as part of a comprehensive behavioral health system of care. This study presents retrospective program evaluation data from a case series without randomization or a control group at 1 recently established intensive outpatient program for active duty service members at a joint military installation. Out of 240 patients referred to the program at 1 installation, 200 enrolled in treatment. Of these, 169 completed treatment in a Skills & Resiliency Track (n = 97), Trauma Track (n = 34), or both (Combined Track; n = 38). Patients completed measures of posttraumatic stress symptoms and general distress throughout program enrollment. First year preliminary results show significant decreases in distress for those in the Skills & Resiliency and Combined groups. Trauma group patients showed significant decreases in posttraumatic stress symptoms. Patients in the Skills & Resiliency and Combined groups showed significant decreases in rates of psychiatric hospitalization. These results show potential for treating high-risk or treatment-resistant patients in a half-day intensive outpatient program. Lessons learned and recommendations for establishing intensive outpatient programming for the military are discussed. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2018 APA, all rights reserved).
PMID: 29022736
ISSN: 1939-148x
CID: 5173722

Violent states and creative states : from the global to the individual. 2. Human violence and creative humanity

Gilligan, James; Adlam, John; Kluttig, Tilman; Lee, Bandy X
London ; Philadelphia Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2018
Extent: 2 v.
ISBN: 9781785920479
CID: 5176712

Es geht um Gefährlichkeit, nicht um Geisteskrankheit

Chapter by: Gilligan, James
in: Wie gefahrlich ist Donald Trump? 27 Stellungnahmen aus Psychiatrie und Psychologie = [The dangerous case of Donald Trump] by
[S.l.] : Giessen Psychosozial-Verlag, 2018
pp. 203-214
CID: 5176762


Chapter by: Gilligan, James
in: Textbook of applied psychoanalysis by Akhtar, Salman; Twemlow, Stuart W (Eds)
Abingdon OX : Routledge, 2018
pp. ?-?
ISBN: 9781782201878
CID: 5176322