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Promoting knowledge of cancer prevention and screening in an underserved Hispanic women population: a culturally sensitive education program

Jimenez, Edward A; Xie, Yang; Goldsteen, Karen; Chalas, Eva
This article aims to measure the baseline knowledge of cancer prevention, screening, and early detection practices, to understand the barriers to cancer screening and sources of health information; and to evaluate the effectiveness of a culturally sensitive education program in an underserved Hispanic women population. A total of 180 women participated. Pre- and postsurveys were administered. Multivariate analysis was used to analyze the impact of program on knowledge and to determine factors affecting learning. Results showed Significant overall improvement in knowledge of cancer symptoms (1.85 baseline vs. 3.67 postintervention, p < .001), knowledge of risk-reducing behaviors (2.71 vs. 4.81, p < .001); and effect on planned behavior (89% planned to follow screening guidelines). Higher incomes and younger age are associated with better learning. Major barriers to cancer screening were financial limitations and lack of knowledge. The intervention was effective in promoting awareness and knowledge of cancer screening and prevention. Programs aimed at reducing cancer incidence and mortality should recognize the importance of cultural sensitivity and facilitating access to screening tests.
PMID: 20720094
ISSN: 1524-8399
CID: 3460012

The influence of body mass index on outcomes for patients with cervical cancer treated with radical abdominal hysterectomy [Meeting Abstract]

Crisp, Meredith P.; Lucci, Joseph A.; Lambrou, Nicholas; Pearson, J. Matt; Hoang, Linh; Monahan, Denise; Schuman, Samer I.; Jhamb, Namita; Jimenez, Edward; Alvarez, Edwin
ISSN: 0090-8258
CID: 3465802